Samantar Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation in english –

Samantar Season 1 Episode 3 we have seen that, Kumar lifes incident is going parallel like Chakrapani’s past. To know full story ahead read Samantar Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation in english. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

So now Kumar is going to his home, Neema and his child is looking happy to see him. But next day after spent time with family he went “Marbel Woods company” for asking details of Chakrapani. Where company’s manager is telling him – 30 years ago Chakrapani worked here as a manager post. But after that he got injured in road accident, and he hospitalised. After some time company’s one worker met Chakrapani in “Chiplun”.

Next day Kumar is going Chiplun for finding Chakrapani’s address. Here Kumar know Chakrapani lived in a big bunglow. When Kumar entered there, he found dark surround there, therefore Kumar is lightning his mobile flash light. Meanwhile he found Chakrapani in front of him.

  • Here we know Chakrapani has died, and Kumar is talking to Chakrapani’s soul. Now Kumar is asking to Chakrapani – some days ago he met a Baba. When Kumar asked his future from Baba, he deny to tell him anything. Because Baba was telling him, that Chakrapani’s past incident will be parallel with Kumar’s future.
  • Chakrapani is replying – Yes 33 years ago he met the same BABA, still at that time BABA denied to tells anything about his future.
  • Kumar is requesting to Chakrapani – Please tell me full story about your past, because your past will be mine Future. But Chakrapani is asking some simmilar situation in between them, because after that Chakrapani may sure, Kumar is not lying.

Samantar Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation in english –

  • Now Kumar is talking about his past incident – That he was fired from his job after fraud case on him. Same incident has occured with Chakrapani, after that he expelled from society and his company. Now Kumar is saying his one child had died during his birth. Chakrapani is replying his baby girl has too died in her childhood.
  • After that they were sharing their life incident and all have gone parallel like Chakrapani’s life with Kumar life.

Therefore Chakrapani is now sure that Kumar is not lying, and he’s speaking truth. So Chakrapani decide, to share his 33years life story with Kumar, and it all has written in Chakrapani’s diary.

And The Episode 4 Ends Her