Samantar Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation in english –

Samantar Season 1 Episode 2 we saw Kumar is feeling some supernatural power, that someone is calling him. When he’s getting awake he’s finding himself in another place. To know full story further read Samantar Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

Next day Kumar reached in Blumen Cottage with Hanmiya. Where Kumar find a marble pieces in table rack. Meanwhile Kumar memorised that he also collected a marble pieces in his childhood. Altogether Kumar found an eatery adress there.

After that Kumar reached in same restaurent, and now he’s asking about Chakrapani. But no one know him there, because the paper adress was 30 years old. Moreover a guy who is sitting there, inform Kumar, that he know Chakrapani.

Now the guy is saying to Kumar – Chakrapani was lived here many year ago. Furthermore Chakrapani borrowed money from him. After that one day he disappeared from here, and after some time we got some clue that Chakrapani was working in “Emperior Wood company”.

Kumar is making a phone call to Sharad and asking some details of “Emperior Wood company”. When Kumar reached in his cottage, he saw an old room there. Kumar found a big painting there, with dust. When he clean the dust in painting he found Sudarshan Chakrapani’s name mention in Painting.

Samantar Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation in english

After that Kumar is scaring to find his name there. Meanwhile Kumar recieve Sharad call, where he’s telling him – Chakrapani worked in Emperior Wood company” but after some time, company closed due to some issue. Therefore Chakrapani started to work in “MalBar Wood Company”, and here he was lived in Blumen Cottage.

Now Kumar is scaring because what Chakrapani faced in his life Kumar is facing all the probleam. That mean Kumar life is going parallel to Chakrapani’s life.

And The Episode 3 Ends Here.