Ant Man (2015) Movie Story Summary & Review

Ant Man (2015) Movie Story Summary & Review

Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU Series

Ant Man is produced by Marvel Studios, which is twelfth series in the MCU. Here’s yo find Ant Man (2015) Movie Story Summary & Review.

Review –

“Ant-Man” effectively blends humor, action, and entertaining addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Moreover The film’s heist plot added a refreshing twist among of all superheroes movie. The shrinking and growing effects capitalized on the unique abilities of Ant-Man. So overall it gets positive response from the audience as well as critics.

Story Summery – A guy named Scott Lang. In the very first scene we see him as a thief. Who’s inside the prison, and will released soon. Moreover Scott has a daughter named “Cassie”. When he released from the prison, he decide to live as a good father, for his daughter. But later he again finds in crime, where he’s disintegrating Dr. Hank Pym’s home. Because he’s convinced by Michael Douglas. Dr. Hank Pym is the scientist, he created a suit. This suit has a special power, the man who wear this suit, it allow to shrink into the size of an Ant, as well as increase in strength. When Scott interact with Dr. Hank Pym, Doctor decide Scott for that Ant Man suit. Dr. tells the power of Ant Man suit to Scott, and recruited him permanent.

Dr. Pym’s has a former student, named Darren Cross. Darren Cross, heist a shrinking technology and turning it into a weapon called the Yellowjacket. So Dr. Pym wants to prevent his heist, he tells everything to Scott, and Dr. is preparing Scott to wear that Ant-Man suit, to confront with enemy. Moreover Pym’s daughter Hope van Dyne and a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, wants to invade Pym Technologies and steal the Yellowjacket suit. Because Hope van Dyne unresolved issues is going with her father from past.

The final battle between Ant-Man and Yellowjacket occurs. Consequently Scott, disrupted that Yellow suit. Furthermore with the help of his ant allies, he saves his daughter Cassie too. After that Scott represents as a superhero. Dr. Pym’s accommodate with his daughter Hope Van. In the climax, we see, that Scott is unable to return from after shrinking too small. After many efforts Scott miraculously returns, having successfully navigated the mysterious dimension.

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