Game Of Thrones Season 8 Story Summary Reviews and Ending Explanation

The epic fantasy series reaches its conclusion with a final battle for the Iron Throne. Game Of Thrones Season 8 Story Summary Reviews and Ending Explanation.

  • Arya Save westeros – The Night King and his army of White Walkers launch a full-scale attack on Winterfell. Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and their allies, including the Stark and Targaryen forces, the Unsullied, and the Dothraki. They face off against the Army of the Dead in a desperate battle. Arya Stark ultimately kills the Night King, destroying his entire army and saving Westeros. After that Daenerys, consumed by her desire for power and determination to break the wheel, becomes increasingly ruthless. So she begins executing those she perceives as traitors. This includes the destruction of King’s Landing. And the murder of thousands of innocent civilians during the Battle of King’s Landing. Moreover the destruction of King’s Landing leads to the fracturing of alliances and loyalties. Jaime Lannister, who had been in a romantic relationship with Brienne of Tarth, returns to Cersei in an attempt to save her. However, both Jaime and Cersei are killed when the Red Keep collapses.

Altogether Jon Snow’s true parentage is finally exposed. Therefore he is revealed to be the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Which making him the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. This creates tension between Jon and Daenerys, who sees him as a threat to her claim.

GOT Ending Story –

Final Battle for thrones –

In the next scene Daenerys, having claimed victory over Cersei and taken control of King’s Landing. Which aims to establish her rule over the Seven Kingdoms. However, Jon, conflicted by her actions and fearing for the realm, betrays her and kills her. Dragon, Daenerys’ last surviving dragon, melts the Iron Throne and flies away with her body. So now the remaining lords and ladies of Westeros gather to decide who will sit on the Iron Throne, and rule the Seven Kingdoms. Bran Stark, due to his knowledge as the Three-Eyed Raven, is chosen as the new king, while Sansa Stark becomes the Queen in the North, declaring independence for Winterfell.

Moreover Bran appoints Tyrion Lannister as his Hand of the King, recognizing his intelligence and political knowledge. Tyrion sets to work rebuilding the realm and assembling a council of advisors. Which includes characters like Ser Davos, Brienne of Tarth, and Samwell Tarly. As punishment for killing Daenerys, Jon Snow is sent back to the Night’s Watch, where he reunites with Tormund Giantsbane and Ghost. The Night’s Watch, now without a threat from the White Walkers, ventures beyond the Wall to explore the unknown territories.

While the series ends, the impact of the events and the fate of the characters leave lasting impressions on the world they inhabit.

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