“Squid Game” Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation – Know Here Your Best Amazing Story.

Squid Game  is South Korean show is a survival thriller about a group of adults in financial despair who are forced to play children’s games. Basic story revolves around Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. You’ll get here Squid Game Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation . Moreover you can find here another movies review.

  • The main character “Seong” is introduced as the drama story begins. His daughter’s birthday had arrived, but they are very poor. He lived in a tiny house along with his mother. Seong‘s mother gives him money in exchange for taking his son out to dinner. But Seong requires some additional funds. Therefore he steals his mother ATM-Card. Then he steals all the money from his mother.
  • Moreover he spend his mother all money in “horse riding games”, in return he won the match and he wins four million wons.
  • Seong is very poor, therefore he borrowed money from a company. That’s why companies boss started to run behind him to take his money back, they kidnap Seong and severely beat him.
  • When Seong checks his pocket to return their money, he found he has none. It means the money he has won from horse riding, meanwhile he recalls colliding with a girl while fleeing from them. So that girl has undoubtfully ripped his pocket.
  • Because Seong does not have any money, they have given him a one month sentence to return their money.

“Squid Game” Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation

After that Seong arranges money and takes his daughter to dinner. After it he reaches the station hurriedly unluckily, his train was missed. A man comes to Seong when he was waiting for the train while sitting there. The unknown person gives Seong a card while saying If you want to earn some money contact the number.

  • When Seong return to his home, his mom tells – Your daughter is shifting with her stepfather to the US next year. But Seong never wants his daughter to move far from him. Therefore he wants a lot of money to get custody of his daughter. So he calls at the card number, which has given by that unknown person.
  • Seong reached in the same address, and he was brought in a car there were other people. But they all get fainted and when they awake, they find themselves in a facility with 456 other people. They were there as players because they were wearing a same uniform. The all people who were brought there has taken many debts.
  • Seong finds the same girls there who ripped his pocket, and her name is Sae-Byeok. Meanwhile some guards arrive there with pink uniforms. Their face were covered. The guards tell those players – You all have to play a total 6games here. The winner of this game will have a lot of money. After that all players sign on contract.
  • 1. The first rule of this contract is that no players can skip this game on his or her own.
  • 2.The second rule is that any player who refuses to play will be eliminated.
  • 3. The third rule was if the majority of players are unwilling to play the game, they may leave.

“Squid Game”

Here Seong meets his classmate Sang-Woo, and he gets shocked seeing him. Beacuse he has gone out of the country for business, but he is here.

  • There was a massive doll for the first round of game. First round rule was – Whenever Doll will sing they have to move forward. As doll will stop singing they have to stop there, and don’t move. If someone will move he will be eliminated.
  • Now game started and one guy break the rule. Because he was moving little, and after that he being gun shot. Therefore he get eliminated or finished. Now all players get panicked, they terrified, so they wander. But according to rule , the one who was moving will be finished.

Remaining Survivors somehow complete the game, and they are 255.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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