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All players were scared now, So none wants to play the game. But As the rule number 3 was if the majority wants, they can skip the game. Therefore the Frontman, does the voting process before they were shown the price money. But if they will leave the game this money will be given to the dead player’s family. The prize money was a total of 45billion wons.

The voting is done in which the majority didn’t want to play the game. That’s why the game stopped there. But they can rejoin the game in the future if they want. Now they all were taken to their houses.

  • Next day, Seong tells the police everything while going to the police station. But Cops, didn’t believe Seong,. They think he is insane. Seong shows them the card but surprisingly the number was wrong on it.
  • When Seong returns home, but his mother wasn’t there.
  • Now Seong meets to his classmates Sang-woo, where Sang tells to him – that he is under 6billion debt. Meanwhile Seong receives a call from the hospital, the foot of Seong’s mom was injured. Her wound grew larger, as a result of her failure to treat her diabetes.
  • The doctor tell to Seong – Your mother can be treated, for this, we have to remove her foot. But this operation demands a lot of money.

Squid Game Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation

  • Therefore Seongs, visit to his ex-wife house, but she refuses to give him money. But Seong’s ex-wife husband gave some money to Seong and says ” Stay Away From My Family”.
  • After it, Seong’s friend goes to his boss for asking some money. But his boss refuses to give money so the fight starts between them. During this fight, his boss’s hand becomes injured in a machine, and getting a chance, Seong’s friend escapes while taking money, from his boss office.
  • When Seong’s friend return to his home, he handovered all money to his wife and says her to take first flight and leave.
  • Now we see Sae-Byeok, she is meeting to an agent. Because she has to shift her mom from the north to the south area. ( Sae-Byeok, is the same girl who has stolen Seong’s money.) Sae-Byeok, needs money to bring her mom here. she have an elder brother, whom she promised she will bring her mother.
  • In the next scene we see, an officer, his brother was missing. Therefore the officer goes to his brother’s house. He discovers his brother hasn’t come to hos home for the last few days. Now he check his brother house, he finds a card there. The officer has seen the same card with Seong in the police station.
  • So Officer approches Seong and inquires about it. But Seong refuses to answer. When Seong returns home he again finds that card. Seong decides that he’ll again join the game. That’s why all the players were taken near a ship. The officer also arrives while chasing the cars.

The Players were taken to a facility on an island. They have no idea about the next game and how will it be played?

And The Episode 2 Ends Here.

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