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At the end of Money Heist Season 1 Episode 3 we have seen that Raquel takeover the case again. Moreover Berlin gives an order to Denver to kill the Monica. Furthermore Rio and Tokyo has recognised by the cops and their pictures got viral all over the country. Will cops able to find the all robbers? To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English & Hindi. Moreover click here to check Money Heist season 1 review.

“Money Heist Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English”

Now in the next day Raquel mother is trying Raquel’s phone number but it doesn’t connect. Then she call to Professor, ( Because in the last Episode Professor gives Raquel his phone, when she want to talk to her mom). Then she tells to Professor – Hello ! I am Raquel Murillo’s mom and I can’t reach her. Please do you know where she is? It’s an emergency. Then Professor reach in the camp of Police which is in the front of Royal Mint. Where Professor meet to Raquel and said – Excuse me, officer, I have your mother on the phone, I guess you called her from my phone. May be its something about your daughter. Now Raquel talk to her mom, but here Professor is seizing the opportunity and looking around inside the camp what is going there, how many cops are there and all things.

Here in the next scene Denver is hiding Monica in a lockup room, where nobody can reach. Now all the robbers is shouting on Berlin – We can make her scare, not to kill her and this is not under the Professor rule. Then Berlin reply – There’s been a change, she had a cell phone, if she had told the police, then you’d all be the dead right now. Tokyo asked him – Does Professor know this? Does he know you broke the number one rules? Then Rio try to call Professor but he didn’t answer the call.

“Raquels Trust On Professor”

Now Moscow know Berlin ordered Denver to kill one hostages, and then he broke beacause he is most caring person in the robbers group & he was one of those decent men. who are trustworthy. Moreover Now he goes to ask his son – did you really killed her? Denver answerd – Yes papa! Then Moscow falls in the ground and get unconscious.

When Moscow get conscious, then he decide to surrendor himself and going out from the Royal Mint. All robbers is trying to stop him, but he open the door of Royal Mint. After the door opening ,Outside all the police, forces, all get ready in their position with the gun, and snipers. Meanwhile Denver, jump on his father and trying to hide his face from the Cops. Then he speak him he didn’t kill anyone she is alive, and I hide her. Now all Robbers shut the door of Royal Mint.

  • In the next scene Professor calls to Raquel and tells her – hey ! Im Salva waiting for you in the cafe. Then Raquel’s comes there, Professor is trying to being friendly with her and asked her is your daughter fine now? Raquel reply – Yeah ! Actually my ex-husband had taken my daughter. That is how Professor is trying to close the Raquel.
  • Meanwhile Angel (The Deputy inspector) comes there and tells Raquel – Excuse me Raquel, “The door opened for a few seconds in Royal Mint. I think there’s been a fight. We think it was a hostages. Then Raquel goes with Angel.
  • Furthermore Professor heard all things.

“Aurturo Got Fired”

Now Moscow need a fresh air for some minutes then Denver allows all the hostage to go for some minutes in the roof to take fresh air. Because Moscow had an anxiety attack, Denver tells them everything will be fine I am also coming with you. Then they all goes on the roof. When they opened the door of terrace and visit in to the terrace, all police, get aware and then Raquel gives the order to force & then they shoot the one Hostages “Aurturo” because they think he’s a robber. Then all the cops find he was factory director “Aurturo Roman”.

And The Episode Ends Here.

“Money Heist Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In Hindi”

Episode 4 की शुरुवात मे Raquel की mom Raquel का phone number try करती है तो Raquel का नंबर not reachable आता है जिसकी वजह से Raquel की mom Professor के number पर फोन करती है क्यूंकी last time Raquel ने professor के नंबर से अपनी mom को फोन किया था Raquel’s Mom Speak – Hello ! I am Raquel Murillo’s mom and I can’t reach her. Please do you know where she is? It’s an emergency. तभी मौके का फाइदा उठाकर प्रोफेसर Raquel को मिलने उसके camp मे चले जाता है और Raquel को फोन देकर वहाँ की सारी activities को नोट करता है दूसरे सीन मे सभी robbers Berlin को डांट रहे है और उस पर गुस्सा हो रहे है और उसे बता रहे है कि हम किसी भी hostages को कोई नुकसान नहीं पहुंचा सकते है according to प्रोफेसर प्लान

But बर्लिन उन्हे समझाता है कि अगर Monica उस समय किसी पुलिस को फोन कर देती तो अभी हम सब यहाँ पर मर जाते । जब Moscow को यह पता चलता है कि एक hostages को मार दिया गया है और यह सब बर्लिन के कहने पे Denver ने किया है तो Moscow को anxiety attack आ जाता है जब Moscow को होश आता है तो वह खुद को surrendor करने के लिए Royal Mint से बाहर जाने का सोचता है और इस तरह से Royal Mint का दरवाजा खोल देता है इस तरह से बाहर camp मे बैठी police और सभी force aware हो जाती है और सभी अपने हथियार Royal Mint के दरवाजे पर तानते है

“Raquels Trust On Professor”

Meanwhile ,Denver ,Moscow के ऊपर कूद जाता है और Moscow का चेहरा छुपाने कि कोशिश करता है और उसे बताता है कि उसने किसी भी hostages को नहीं मारा है और Monica, alive है इतना सुनते ही रॉयल मिंट का दरवाजा बंद हो जाता है । दूसरी तरफ प्रोफेसर Raquel को मिलने cafe मे बुलाता है जहां प्रोफेसर Raquel से friendly होनी कि कोशिश करता है और वह कामयाब भी हो जाता है Meanwhile Angel वहाँ आता है और Raquel को बताता है कि अभी रॉयल मिंट के gate से दो लोग बाहर आए और वह आपस मे लड़ रहे थे। जहां तक मेरा अनुमान है तो वह Hostages हो सकते हैं इसीलिए हमने कोई भी फ़ाइरिंग नहीं कि यह सब सामने बैठकर प्रोफेसर सुन रहा होता है ।

“Aurturo Got Fired”

Denver सभी hostages को इखट्टा करता है और उन्हे कुछ समय के लिए छत मे घूमने कि सलाह देता है एसा वह इसलिए कहता है क्यूंकी Moscow अभी अभी Anxiety attack से बाहर आया था इसलिए hostages के बीच मे रहकर Moscow fresh air ले सकता है । लेकिन जैसे ही रॉयल मिंट के छत का दरवाजा खुलता है तो सारे पुलिस कर्मी aware हो जाते है और छत कि तरफ बंदूक तान देते है। इसके अलावा Raquel एक फोर्स को गोली चलाने का आदेश देती है और वह गोली hostages ”Aurturo” को लग जाती है जब उसका mask उसके face से remove होता है तो सभी पुलिस फोर्स पहचान लेती है कि यह म्यूज़ियम का डाइरेक्टर Aurturo Roman है

और यही पर Episode 4 end हो जाता है

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