Aarya Season 01 Episode 08 Story Explanation In English

Aarya Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English –

AArya TV Series

At the end of Episode 07 we have seen that Aarya finally met with her daughter Aaru. Furthermore Russians is threatning Shekhawat and they cut his little finger. Because they want their 300crores from Shekhawat which is theft by Jawahar and Sangram. So now what will be the Shekhawat next step? To know all about that read Aarya Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore Watch Aarya All Video Episodes On Hotstar.

“Aarya Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English”

“Grahan Hai Aaj”

Here in the first scene of the Episode Sampat make a phone call for Aarya, and says her – Mr Shekhawat wants to meet you urgently. But Aarya tells him – I am not coming. Then he again threat Aarya and says – The Russians are here they were asking for your adress shall I give it to them? She afraid then she decide to go there.

When she come there she shout on Shekhawat – She said our deal has done, you said if I transported your container then you will to waive off Tej debt of 100crores Rs. But Shekhawat reply her now I have change my mood I want you’ll pass our all transport otherwise I’ll give your adress to Russians, then you will be the responsible if they do anything with your child.

Aarya Season 01 Episode 08 Story Explanation In English

Now she goes to her home, and there her child Aaru and Veer have seen the pen-drive, in which Tej business details and all secrets of their business. Aaru and Veer hug’s their mom. Aarya make them understand and told them we will soon leave this country.

Aarya Season 01 Episode 08 Story Explanation In English

“Aarya Find Shekhawat Consigments Of Worth 300Crores”

Mr Khan is continously following Aarya day and night. Now Aarya and her family go to their second house which is near to the lake. Mr Khan is following them, Then Aarya said him can i get a little privacy please? I have come here to perform a last ritual of Tej. Mr Khan give them a privacy. Then they go. When Aarya and her family sit on the boat which is near the lake, They saw the anchor of the boat is obstructing. Then Veer fall into the lake then he find – There are three big bags of something. He told her mother, and Aarya got understood the three bag is there of Shekhawat theft consigments.

After that she reached in his father house and told him I found the missing consigments of Shekhawat which Tej had hidden. I found it at the lake house beneath the boat. But her father reply him – Please tell Sangram, he will take care of everything.

Then she go in the jail and tells Sangram she found the missing consigments of Shekhawat. When Sangram heard this he told her – please don’t return it to Shekhawat. When I’ll be out from here I’ll care of everything. Aarya reply to him – I have to give him beacause he is threatning me again to transport for him, and my children are not safe. Then Aarya goes from there.

“Aarya Is Returning The Consigments”Aarya Season 01 Episode 08 Story Explanation In English

Now Aarya want to return his consigments but Mr Khan is following him. Then she make a plan she take her sister Saundarya help. Aarya make Mr Khan confused, She dressed up Saundarya as looking Aarya, and then Saundarya take Aarya’s car and go for a ride. Mr Khan thought she is Aarya and he again follow her car.

Finally Aarya get the chance so she goes to return Shekhawat stuff. Shekhawat get happy to see their stuff and said her now I am happy to trust on you. Then Aarya reply him – Please call the Russians in front of me, tell them we didn’t steal it. Then Shekhawat call the Russians – the lost stuff, I have it know, My man Sampat will deliver it to you.

Now Aarya goes from there and she ordered Daulat now kill Shekhawat. After that Daulat shoot Shekhawat with the gun and then he died. She reached home and hug her child.

But suddenly her door ring bring when she open the door she found Mr.Khan is there. He said to her your sister was in your car, I followed her I thought it was you. But someone comes in the bike and killed her. Sorry I can’t be able to safe your sister. Aarya get socked to hear this news.

And The Episode End’s Here.

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