Aarya Season 1 Ending Story Explanation In English (Episode 9)

At the end of Episode 08 we have seen that Mr. Khan inform Aarya, her sister has killed by someone who came into the bike. Then Aarya get socked to hear this news. Because someone wants to kill Aarya but saundarya was in Aarya’s car so she died at the place of Aarya. So who will be the behind all murder? To know all about that read Aarya Season 1 Ending Story Explanation In English (Episode 9). Furthermore Watch Aarya All Video Episodes On Hotstar.

“Aarya Season 1 Episode 9 Story Explanation In English”

“Dharam Sankat”

Now Aarya’s mothetr and father is preparing for Saundarya funeral. Saundarya husband Bob is getting angry with Aarya’s family. Because they are responsible for Saundarya murder.

  • The funeral is going suddenly the police comes there. So Mr.Khan want to take Aarya with him. Meanhwhile Aarya’s father reply to Mr.Khan- Don’t you know what has happened here?
  • Then Mr.Khan reply – I know everything sir, infect it happened in front of me but another tragedy struck behind my back. Shekhawat murder. Thats why I am here to take Aarya for some question regarding Shekhawat murder.
  • Then Aarya ready to go with him.
Aarya Season 01 Episode 09 Story Explanation In English

After that Mr. Khan tells her – I know you are the responsible for Shekhawat murder, So if you dont want go long tell me the truth. But she deny everything. Mr.Khan making her understand this is the begning you may lost many more people so please tell me the truth. But she didn’t tell anything.

Aarya Season 01 Episode 09 Story Explanation In English
Aarya Season 01 Episode 09 Story Explanation In English

Here in the next scene Jawahar is taking drugs and he is out of sense. Then he accept he killed Saundarya. He want to kill Aarya but saundarya trapped in between them. Except this he is misbehaving with Maya. So Maya decide to leave Jawahar house.

“Finally Aarya Know The Truth”

Meanwhile Sangram girlfriend Hina call Aarya and she request to her – come urgently in my saloon. When Aarya comes there she find Maya is there. Maya told her truth, her husband Jawahar is responsible for Saundarya’s murder, and he too misbehaving with her so she don’t want to go there anymore.

  • Meanwhile Hina says – Sangram and Jawahar are responsible for all these. If Sangram hadn’t started this, none of it would’ve happened.
  • Aarya – What do you mean?
  • Hina – All of this was his idea, his ridiculous idea of stealing Shekhawat’s consigments and to sell it to someone else. Tej never wanted this.
  • When Aarya heard the truth she get surprised because her brother Sangram tells her this is all Tej idea. She goes from there.

Now Aarya reached in her home, where her mother told her your father is responsible for Tej murder because he was ready give all details to police. After that he decide to kill him. Now Aarya totally broke.

Then Aarya took Sangram with us for her sister funeral. Furthermore Aarya call Acp Khan and tells her all truth about their business and all this mess. The funeral is going and Acp Khan comes there. Sangram shout on him But khan says he is here to arrest Zorawar Rathore (Aarya’s father) for his son in law Tej Sareen murder.

  • Zorawar said to police – I am inocent Daulat was responsible for all that happened.
  • Meanwhile Daulat says – yes i killed him. But at Zorawar command.
  • Then ACP Khan arrest Zorawar, Daulat, and Sangram again, and took them in the bar.

“Message Again” Aarya Season 01 Episode 09 Story Explanation In English

In the next scene Maya called Bob and told him who is responsible for Saundarya’s murder. She tells her husband name. Then Bob killed Jawahar. and police arrest Bob for Jawahar murder.

  • Moreover Aarya asked to ACP Khan – You know what I did to Shekhawat, you are still letting go why?
  • ACP Khan – Had i arrested you I would’ve just solved one case, by letting you go, I am destroying an entire crime syndicate.
  • Then Khan gives her Newzeland visa. and wish her for safe journey.

Then Aarya pack her goods and sit on the car with her child. But suddenly she found a message on her mobile – Should we collect our 200 crores in Newzeland from you.

And The 1st Season End’s Here.

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