Patal Lok Web Series Starcast, Character, & Important Role

Patal Lok is the Hindi language Indian crime thriller web series. Furthermore this television series is based on The Story of My Assassins novel, Which novel written by Tarun Tejpal in 2010. Moreover Patal Lok released in OTT platform Amazon Prime in 15 May 2020. Patal Lok Hindi Indian web series is based on special operation of the Delhi Police. Subsequently They arrest four criminal, and it reveal all the suspence about these criminals. To know all about the full series read all episodes of this series.But before that read Patal Lok Web Series Starcast, Character, & Important Role Furthermore watch Patal Lok web series in Amazon Prime.

Director –

  • Avinash Arun.
  • Prosit Roy.

Producer –

  • Anushka Sharma.
  • Karrnesh Sharma.

Written by –

  • Sudip Sharma.
  • Sagar Haveli.
  • Hardik Mehta.

“Patal Lok Web Series Starcast, Character, & Important Role”

  1. Hathiram Choudhary as [Jaideep Ahlawat] – So Hathiram Choudhary is the main character of patal lok web series. Consequently He is playing a role of honest policemen in Delhi Police. Who want his parmosion in his job So he is doing strugle in his job by solving a difficult case.

2. Renu Choudhary as [Gul Panag] – She is playing a role of Hathiram choudhary.

3. Imran Ansari As [ Ishwak Singh] – He is playing an important role in Patal Lok, So he works in under the Hathiram Choudhary because he is junior of Hathiram Choudhary.

4. Sanjeev Mehra As [Neeraj Kabi] – Someone wants to kill Sanjeev Mehra. So why someone wants to kill him the all dtails suspence hide in the story. Moreover he is playing a role of reputable journalist and an anchor.

5. Dolly Mehra As [Swastika Mukherjee] – She is looking in a role of Sanjeev Mehra’s wife.

6. Sara Matthews As [ Niharika Lyra Dutt] – She is looking in a role of journalist in a Sanjeev office. Moreover Sanjeev Mehta extra marital affair is with Sara Matthews.

7. Vishal Tyagi As [ Abhishek Banerjee] – He have an amazing role in this web series, with mindblowing acting. Furthermore the four criminal arrested by Delhi police, Vishal Tyagi is one of them. We can say him ” Hathoda”. The suspence behind “Hathoda” You can find in series.

8. Tope Singh As [ Jagjeet Sandhu] – His Favourite weapon is “Chakku” or ”Knife”. So he is second criminal out of four suspects or criminal.

9.Kabir M As [ Asif Khan] – He is the third criminal out of four suspects. He also hide his religion. So he hide from all public and police he is a muslim guy.

10. Mary Lyngdoh As [ Mairemban Ronaldo] – Fourth criminal. Who have arrested with the three other criminals. Moreover she is a transgender women. Furthermore she is Nepali and called “Cheeni”.

“Patal Lok Web Series Starcast, Character, & Important Role”

11. Virk SHO As [ Anurag Arora] – He before took training under the Hathiram Choudhary. But after that he posted as senior officer of Hathiram Choudhary.

12. DCP Bhagat As [ Vipin Sharma] – He is the senior and commanding officer of Hathiram Choudhary. Hathiram do all works and take any step after his command.

13. Vikram Kapoor As [Manish Choudhary] – He has the business partner of Sanjeev Mehra.

14. Donullia Gujjar As [Akshay Sharma] – He is the oragnizer of the Chitrakoot’s crime ring. Moreover he is the reculsive leader of Chitrakoots. He called as “Master Ji”.

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