The Family Man Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English In Which You Can Get An Unsurpassed Floundering Way & Situation Of TASC

At the end of Episode 2 we have seen that Ajit has found three suspect of Zulfiqar Mission. Where Srikant and his team is asking them for their mission. But they are saying they received seprate work from ISIS but they never speak with them. Because their team drop message in drop box which is in front of Victoria college. So now they three’s are speaking truth or lieing? Will T.A.S.C able to disclose what will be the mission Zulfiqar? To know all about that read The Family Man Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore you can watch all episodes of The Family Man on amazon prime.

“The Family Man Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English”

“Anti National”

  • In the front of Victoria college near the drop box Shinde who works in T.A.S.C has opened his tea stall to keep eyes on that drop box. Now Srikant comes in to the hospital where he is again asking Moosa about the Zulfiqar mission. But Moosa is requesting to him, he is asking to meet with his mom.
  • Srikant reply him – I promise you, I’ll help you for meeting with your mother. But before that tell me something useful.
  • Now Srikant imformed local police to keep eyes on Victoria college student. Who have involved in any criminal cases, or belongs from Muslim community.
  • Inspector Suresh Yadav reply to Srikant – I have the list ready sir, they’re all anti nationals.
  • Srikant – Alright. So tell me the names of the ones with prior arrest warrants.
  • Inspector Suresh Yadav – There are four who is in suspect. 1st one is Junaid, 2nd- Sait, 3rd-Sajid, and 4th- Amir Peeran. Local police arrest them.
  • After that Srikant reached there, where they are locked up. Police tries to convince them but they didn’t speak any single words about the bomb blast case.

” Suchi New Job”

  • Now in the next scene Suchitra Iyer received a phone call from Arvind. Where he wants to meet her an urgent. When she comes there Arvind tells her – I want to introduce you to the CEO of my company, Nikhil.
  • Suchitra socked little bit and tells him – But I am not prepare for meeting.
  • Where Arvind says to her – Dont worry It’s just a casual meeting, nothing formal.
  • After that Suchi meets with Nikhil and their conversation is going well. So she decide to join her new job in Arvind’s company, But she is worriying how will she manage all things in few time.

“New Suspect” The Family Man Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English

  • Now Victoria college student Kareem, Who is student but he write blog against hindu. Because he doesn’t feel safe in Hindustan. Now he is going somewhere where he meets to Altaf Bhai and saying him – I won’t join your group. I prefer working alone.
  • Now Altaf Bhai is making him understand to works for them.
  • Now Kareem goes from there, and reached in Victoria college hostel. Where he opened the drop box and took a letter from there. But unfortunately Shinde who was sitting in the front of drop box, were waiting for the guy who’ll open the drop box, unfortunately his camera memory has filled up with data’s so he removed camera from the place to change memory card. he look Kareem there, he start follow him, but its wasn’t recorded because of the memory issue.
  • After that Srikant shout on Shinde, due to his carelessness.

“What’s Kareem Plan?”

Now JK, with their team enter in Victoria Hostel, and by cunning they switch the camera on Kareem room, to keep eyes on his activity. Finally his team noticed Kareem with his friend are talking about any mission, and they are trying to do something big. Team inform Srikant and JK about Kareem. Where JK and Srikant are busy in Atharv birthday party. When they received message they left the party and reached into the office.

  • Srikant ask to Millind [Team member] – What’s happening
  • Millind – Sir a guy named Iqbal came to meet Kareem, and they were talking about some delivery. Furthermore they were also talking about a guest list and a floor plan. Some guy called Nissar is coordinating this.
  • Then Srikant ordered Millind and zoya to stay in the hostel gate.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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