You’ll Get Here A New Pluck Of Srikant In – The Family Man Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English

At the end of Episode 3 we have seen that Srikant and their T.A.S.C team is getting suspect on kareem. Where they switched the camera on Kareem room. After that they noticed Kareem and his friend Iqbal are talking about any delivery. Furthermore Zoya and Millind keeping eyes on Kareem. Will Kareem is the man of Mission Zulfiqar? To know all about the full story read The Family Man Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore you can watch all episodes of The Family Man on amazon prime.

“The Family Man Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English”


Here in the next scene Kareem run away from his room, and he switched off his phone. His last location tracked in Bhindi Bajar. So Srikant decide to Evacuate Bhindi Bajar. Furthermore he give order to send force in civil dress at Bhindi Bajar.

  • Now Arvind is inviting Suchetra for day out, and then Suchetra say yes to him. Meanwhile Srikant make a phone call to Suchetra and ask her – Where are you?
  • Then Suchitra reply – I’d stepped out for some work, some college work too. So I thought I’ll sit somewhere and finish it off.
  • After that Srikant suspects on her where he tells to JK – I think Suchi is lying, because I am thinking she is somewhere else. Then he trace her number where he found her location in Juhu hotel sea castle in Mumbai. After that Srikant and JK reached on the location where they find Suchi with Arvind. After that Srikant show his obsession and then Suchitra goes back to her home.

Now T.A.S.C team is tracing Kareem. Where they found Kareem has watched the last video of MP.Deshpandey. Then the team of T.A.S.C has understood Kareem is preparing to attack on Deshpandey house because there’s a birthday party at Deshpande’s house so for that he prepared Floor plan and guest list. Furthermore Deshpandey lived near Bhendi Bazaar.

Now force man Imran Pasha and Srikant has blocked all the route. Moreover Kareem van trapped in between the police van. After that Kareem tries to run away from there, but he comes in a target of gun shot and die on the spot.

“Kareem Is Innocent”

When the force team and T.A.S.C team checked Kareem van, they socked little bit because It was beef. That means they want to feed beef to Deshpande. Then the all team feel guilt, and worrying if this talks gets out, T.A.S.C will be shut down permanently.

  • Now Sharma is shouting on Srikant and T.A.S.C team. Because they killed 1. them without any mistake.
  • Now Sharma is making an excuse to save the T.A.S.C – Where he is telling to his staff, tells everyone It’s a terrorist attack. We had intel that they were going to attack Deshpande. We warned them and gave them a chance to surrender. But they fired at us, and then all three died in the encounter. That’s the story. Because we’ve made a mistake, now is the time for damage control.
  • But Srikant is feeling guilt, So he is accepting responsibility.

“Looser” The Family Man Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English

  • When Srikant reach in his home, he was full drunk. Meanwhile Srikant and his wife Suchi argued with each other. Where Srikant is shouting on her and asking about Arvind.
  • Suchitra reply him – He is my colleague thats it.
  • Srikant is blaming himself because and saying to her – I haven’t taken you out for coffee to a five star hotel.I haven’t taken you for exotic holidays. Your father thinks that I am a looser, you think I am a looser even my child also think I am looser.

“Someone Intentionally Trapped Kareem”

  • Next day when Srikant arrive in his office his friend JK is making him undertsand – It was a collective failure, everybody is at fault. So if everyone messed up then don’t blame just yourself.
  • Meanwhile Srikant tells him – If kareem was not a terrorist, Then why did he use the drop box? and why he used same drop box? I think maybe someone set him up.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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