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At the end of Episode 4 we have seen that T.A.S.C team has found Kareem innocent. But before that the force team killed him, furthermore it was a collective failure of all T.A.S.C team. But Srikant is blaming himself indivisually. Because srikant is thinking someone an intentionally trapped Kareem, and then he used that drop box. Now can Srikant find the man who is behind all this mess? To know all about that read The Family Man Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore you can watch all episodes of The Family Man on amazon prime.

“The Family Man Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English”


In the first scene Sajid,[Victoria college student], who arrested by the local police in investigation. After that local police decide to acquittal him.

  • Now Sajid is going to meet with Altaf bhai. After that Altaf bhai said him – Faizan Bhai sends his regards, he hasa big plans for you. He doesn’t want you caught for petty IED blasts, That’s why he asked me to get you out.
  • Then Sajid ask him – But what does Faizan Bhai want from me?
  • Altaf Bhai – Faizan bhai will inform you what he want from you.
  • Here in the next scene Moosa’s nurse sister Mary is informing him – Your friend Asif regained consciousness today.
  • Moosa – Can I know how is he?
  • Mary – The doctor say he’ll be all right soon, and doctor is saying you’ll be discharged soon.
  • After that Moosa tries to come close of Mary, and then he kissed her. Now Mary give him, her mobile phone. Then Moosa call his mom. But he act like he is talking with his mom, but he called to major and inform him he will be released soon from the hospital.
  • Now Moosa and Mary interect in physical relation. Then Moosa again request her he want to meet his brother Asif. Mary tells him – it can trouble my job, I cant help you. But Moosa wear Mary clothes and then goes in Asif room and then he killed Asif.
  • Now Altaf Bhai again meet to Sajid where Altaf is asking to him – Have you heard of Basharat Ali?
  • Sajid – From Kashmir?
  • Altaf – Yes! He’s waiting for you in Srinagar. After that Altaf gives him ticket of Srinagar, and telling him you’ll need to leave soon.

“Srikant Punished” The Family Man Season 1 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English

Now Srikant is being transferred to Srinagar for punsihment. Beacsue his team encountered Kareem and his friend. Moreover Sharma is telling Srikant you have to be thankful of Kulkarni who save your job and did not suspend you.

  • Now Srikant call to Srikant- Where he said ! Sir I think I’ve made a huge mistake.
  • Kulkarni – Sri. I always trust your judgement. But surprised that you made such a msitake.
  • Srikant – I am sorry for that sir, but I am upset about the fact that we didn’t just kill them, We’re also killing their reputation now. Because they were not terrorists sir. Now Kulkarni make him understand and encourage him for better work.

Now Srikant is packing his bag to shift in Srinagar. Then Srikant reached in International Airport of Srinagar, furthermore Sajid and Srikant reached together in Srinagar. But both are unaware from this.

  • Now Sri make a call to Kulkarni – Sir I have reached! Waiting for your order.
  • Kulkarni reply him – We’ve got information from RAW, that a key asset of Mission Zulfiqar has reached Kashmir, So I want you to dig deeper into this, be careful it’s Kasmir.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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