The Family Man Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation In English Where You’ll Get Sensational Hazardous Terror Way.

At the end of Episode 5 we have seen that mission Zulfiqar’s new asset Sajid has reached in Kasmir. Furthermore Srikant who reached Kasmir to complete his punishment. But Kulkarni gives him a secret mission to find out about the Mission Zulfiqar. Will Srikant able to find the mission? To know all about that read The Family Man Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore you can watch all episodes of The Family Man on amazon prime.

“The Family Man Season 1 Episode 6 Story Explanation In English “

“Dance Of Death”

  • Now Srikant reached in his office where he meet to Saloni Bhatt who is commanding officer. Furthermore she is the old friend of Srikant, when they were in Nagaland.
  • Now Srikant is asking Saloni about Mission Zulfiqar. But she is saying she didn’t heard this before.
  • Then Srikant said her – There’s a young man, who has just arrived in Kashmir. Moreover nobody knows how he looks or where he stays. But we do know that he’s an important asset for this mission.
  • Saloni reply him – Okay, let me check with military intelligence if they know anything. Then I’ll inform you.
  • Now JK goes to hospital where they heard Asif death news So they are doing discussion with the doctor. Where doctor is telling his death reason is – The cause of death is cardiac arrest but it looks a bit fish. Because He did have internal injuries but he was recovering and he alsmost recoverd, But suddenly this cardiac arrest we’re not understanding how it all happened.
  • Then JK tells to doctor – All those who had access to the secure wing. can’t leave the city while the investigation is on. We’shall investigate the cause of Asif death, Is it natural or other reason?

Now JK share this news with Srikant. Then Srikant little suspect to get Asif death news, and he ordered JK – Shift Moosa to jail as soon as posible, he’ll be safe there. Because now we have Moosa is only guy who will help us to find mission Zulfiqar.

Now Saloni’s staff member tells Srikant about Bashrat ali. – Bashrat ali knows all that happens in Kashmir. He was operating out of POK for years, he’s involved in every infiltration that takes place across the border. Moreover now, he’s active on this sie of the border.

“Moosa Is Al-Qatil”

  • Now Srikant is finding in google about al qatil. where he find a picture of three terrorist, but their face has proper covered with mask. When he open facial recognition analysis, he matched all three picture and then he get result, one of them face eyes is matching with Moosa’s eyes.
  • Now Srikant make call to JK where he informed him – The guy, Moosa is al qatil. Call ATS and ask them to increase security. Where Jk surprised to hear this news, Then JK and Pasa go to hospital.

Now the four men on the car is reaching inside the hospital, they are looking Moosa’s men. First they killed hospital’s guard and then they go in control room, where they switched off the camera’s. Then they all run in Moosa’s room, and take with him.

JK call his colleagues to get aware in hospital.

When they all four men with Moosa getting off the lift, they found Imran Pasa there, and Moosa shoot the gun in Pasa’s forhead. Then Pasa’s die on the spot.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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