You Can Know How Surprisingly The Mainstream Is Preparing – The Family Man Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English

At the end of Episode 6 we have seen that how Moosa has ran away from the hospital. Furthermore Imran Pasha has passed away in encounter. What will be the story ahead? Can Srikant able to know about mission zulfiqar? Now what will be the next plan of Moosa? To know all about that read The Family Man Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English.  Furthermore you can watch all episodes of The Family Man on amazon prime.

“The Family Man Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English”


  • Srikant is shocking to hear news about Pasha. Where he is telling to Saloni – I’ve worked with many guys, but I’ve never met anyone like Pasha. He thought of nothing but his duty. First those three innocents students were killed, and now Pasha!And I am responsible for all this shit.
  • Saloni is encouraging him – she is saying come on, Srikant ! You can’t blame yourself for everything.
  • Srikant – I can’t just sit here and watch saloni, I have to do something. I want to know what is this mission?
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“Srkant Wants To Find Out Moosa’s Mother”

  • Now Srikant call in TASC office where he talk to his boss – hello sir! how is going there?
  • Sharma {Srikant Boss} reply – Dont ask! how is things here. TASC is on the verge of being shut down.
  • Srikant – Sir, I think we should be on high alert. I think Moosa has been sent for a special purpose. Furthermore he is also a chemical weapons expert.
  • Sharma – I’ve issued a red alert across all cities in india.
  • Srikant – But sir, I’ve got some information that a few more are involved. There’s a whole team in Kashmir.
  • Then Sharma cut his talk and tells him, you need to stay away from the field. So take care and don’t interfere.
  • Now Srikant call JK and ask him – I want know about Moosa’s mother. Because Moosa was talking about meeting his mom.
  • JK – So do you think he was telling us the truth about his mother? Moreover I don’t think that Moosa even has a mother.
  • Then Srikant speak – I don’t know why, I think he was being truthful about this. So please find out.
  • JK – Alright.

”Mission Zulfiqar Has Started”The Family Man Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English

In Kashmir, Sajid is complaining why he is there? Who is the leader? And what he have to do? He is curious to know about the mission. But no one is telling him directly, because they all are just following the order, even they also don’t know about the mission.

  • Now here in the next scene, Major Sameer shouting on ”Basharat Ali” – I heard, your new boy Sajid from Kashmir, is complaining quite a bit.
  • Basharat – Sorry about that ! Because we know how moody these boys are.
  • Major Sameer – No! All I know is that mission Zulfiqar has started. So for it to succeed, everybody strictly needs to follow orders. tell that boy Sajid, that no one knows everything about the mission.
  • Then Basharat reply him – I’ll talk to him, The probleam is Sajid doen’t know who our fighter is. Moreover Moosa and Sajid become good friends at my training camp. So I know how to convince Sajid.
  • Major Sameer – Then do it. After this, I shouldn’t get a single call from Kashmir. Now we’ll meet next, when we complete this mission.

“What Is Srikant New Plan to Arrest Basharat”?

  • Now Saloni gives new update to Srikant ,where she is speaking – Srikant ,We’ve just got intel. that “Basharat” will attend a wedding in Baramulla. So we won’t get a better opportunity. But the probleam is here we can’t enter the village. We’ll wait outside, and keep eyes on Basharat, as soon as he leaves the wedding, we’ll get him.
  • Then Srikant tells her – But why can’t we arrest him during the wedding?
  • Then Firdaus { Saloni team member} reply – Sir, because, Baramulla is often referred to as mini pakistan. Every house, every shop has “Go India, Go Back” written on its walls. The army is also not welcome there.
  • Srikant – But I don’t understand this, why is he attending a wedding? Because he know that the army monitors his every move. I think may be he’s coming to meet his asset.
  • Now Saloni and her team with Srikant has reached outside the village, where they are waiting in army camp. Furthermore they are keeping eyes on the village by the help of cctv.
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  • Now Basharat has reached in marriage and he meets to Sajid. Then Sajid tells him I want to know about full mission, and I want to talk to Faizan bhai. I want to finish my work and leave quickly.
  • Now Bashrat calls Faizan bhai and speak him – Sajid wants to talk to you. Furhtermore Saloni team member is tracing there call, and they are listening the conversation in between Faizan and Sajid [ but they are communicating in code words] when Saloni and her team explore their conversation they found Moosa is the men who’ll choose to finish this mission.

“Srikant Finally Find New Asset Of Misson”

Now Srikant wants to go inside the village, but Vikram [ Saloni Team Members] is telling him – Army can’t go inside the village. Then Srikant tells – But I can go, unofficially.

Now Srikant take Kashmiri wear and reach inside the village, where Saloni is giving him an instruction in a phone call – Don’t take too much time, and keep your head down. Srikant is trying to find that asset, finally he look Sajid and then he memorise the face of Sajid, from whom, he met in Delhi [ Victoria College Student ] Who has arrested by the local police in bomb blast case.

  • Now Srikant is following Sajid. Where Sajid suspect on Srikant and he run away from the marriage. Now Srikant is running after him.
  • Sajid collect all villagers and speak them – This guy is from the Indian Army. He’s come here to kill me, he snuck into our marriage function.
  • Srikant is giving his clearity in front of villagers – listen to me ! he has ran from the Mumbai. But villagers didn’t get him and start to throw the stone on him, hit him. Suddenly Saloni reach there. Where villagers tells Saloni – He snuck into our marriage to spy on us, and he wanted to kill one of our guests.
  • Saloni – Sir! he’s not a guest, he’s a wanted criminal and a terrorist. Please listen to me! You all know me, I am the citizen of Kashmir so first I stand with my Kashmiri brothers and sister. But this time case is diiferent this men has ran away from the Mumbai.
  • Finally she convince them and safe the life of Srikant but Sajid again run away from the crowed.

“Now Srikant Wants To Find Faizan Adress” The Family Man Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English

Now Srikant and Saloni reach out from the village – where they both are discuss we dont know about the misson But finally we know the person who has involved in misson – Moosa, Sajid , Faizan, etc.

  • Srikant – We dont know where is Moosa ? Where is Sajid? But we do know where Faizan is?
  • Saloni – He’s hiding somewhere in Balochistan.
  • Srikant – Exactly, He’s in hiding there, on the CIA most wanted list. I know a guy who can help us.

And The Episode Ends Here.