You’ll Get Here An Exclusive Way Of Srikant To Find The Truth In- The Family Man Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English

At the end of Episode 7 we have seen that how Srikant entered in Baramullah village, to find misson Zulfiqar asset. Where he met to Sajid, But Sajid run away from there. So now Srikant wants to find “Faizan Bhai” he is hiding somewhere in “Pakistan Balochistan”. Now how will Srikant find him? How will Srikant go there? To know all about that read The Family Man Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore you can watch all episodes of The Family Man on amazon prime.

“The Family Man Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English”

” Act Of War”

Now Srikant know a guy who can help them to find Faizan. Then he call a person in “Islamabad Pakistan” named Bruce.

  • Srikant – Hey Bruce. I need a favor.
  • Bruce – yeah tell me what’s happening.
  • Srikant –Actually I have been desperately looking for a man named “Faizan Ahmed”. I have his sat number and his location where he is hiding.
  • Bruce – You’re sure it’s Faizan? Where is he now?
  • Srikant – Somewhere in Zhob province in Balochistan.
  • Bruce – Do you have an exact location?
  • Srkant – Not but, we’ll get it. But I need a favor from you. I want to have a chat with in person.There is two word “Dzhokhar Dudayev”
  • “Dzhokhar Dudayev” was a chechnyan rebel, the KGB used a similar plan to nab him.
  • Bruce – you think this plan will work?
  • Srikant –if luck is on our side then it will definitely work.

“Finally Srikant Find Faizan “

Now in the next scene bruce is tracking all house around the coordinates which he has received, where Faizan can hide. These are the only locations that genral Ansari uses.

Here in the next scene Srikant and his team using the voice sample from the coversation of Sajid with Faizan. Furthermore they’ve managed to put together his voice profile. finally Srikant used Sajid voice and then call the Faizan. Faizan thinks its a Sajid phone call When Faizan connect his call, due to some network issues he comes in his terrace and then Bruce’s all teams who is keeping eyes on that house cordinates, they find Faizan in the terrace.

Bruce tells Srikant we got Faizan.

“Srikant Wants To Go Pakistan”

  • Now Srikant call in his office where he is talking with his boss – Sir please, I want to interrogate Faizan. Because we don’t have time, and neither does Moosa or Sajid, and I know both of them have been trained by faizan.
  • Kulkarni [Srikant Boss] – But you can’t go Balochistan officially.
  • Srikant – Okay sir ! But I can go unofficially.
  • Now in the next scene Major sameer and his senior officer genral Ansari is suspecting on Pakistan PM, Ansari is thinking PM of Pakistan must have led the CIA to Faizan.
  • Ansari [ Major Sameer Boss] – What do you think about Faizan? Will he spill the beans on misson?
  • Major Sameer – Sir but Faizan barely knows anything about misson. But he can point fingers in our direction. Wecan start phase two in the next 48 hours.
  • Ansari – We’re nearing the end of our mission, So with the grace of Allah this mission will be successful.
  • Sameer – Now it’s my duty to make this mission successful.

“Faizan Vs Srikant”The Family Man Season 1 Episode 8 Story Explanation In English

Now Mustafa is helping Srikant to enter in Pakistan.

  • Where Mustafa is telling to Srikant – So the story is that your name is Fahd Ahmed. Moreover you have a spice business in Karachi, and we’re business partners. So we’re travelling to Quetta for some work.
  • When they crossed the border they tells same story to pakistani army. So finally they crossed the border.

Now in the next scene Srikant with some mens reach that place where CIA has kept Faizan. Furthermore Mustafa arrange some men’s for Srikant who will help him. Now Srikant kills all guard and took Faizan with him.

  • Faizan says to Srikant – Thank you for saving my life. Are you from pakistan army?
  • Srikant – [Srikant is trying to make him fool, where he said] –We are with the ISI. The PM himself has planned this operation. But we had no clue that you were in pakistan, moreover, you were caught. This was extremely shameful for the PM. Furthermore Pakistan has a bad reputation. And once everyone knows that we have been harboring a terrorist, We’ll have to face more ridicule. All the nation in the world will blacklist us.
  • Look Faizan ! You have two options -tell those two guys to immediately abort the mission and give us their location.Then you’ll live your life in Saudi arab, Or 2nd, stay six feet under the ground buried in some unmarked grave in Pakistan. So tells me what do you want to do?
  • Faizan – Srikant choose 1st and said him I want to go Sudan. Saudi climate doesn’t suit me. Then Faizan tells everything what he know.

“Nerve Gas Mission”

Srikant got succeed to make fool of Faizan, after that Srikant handover Faizan to Pakistani CIA team.

Now Srikant call in his office – Where he tells them full story of Mission Zulfiqar,- the mission is all about the ”Nerve Gas”. A few year back the Lashkar-e-Taiba got their hands a stockpile of nerve in POK. This was later seized by the ISI. Then, Major Sameer, and Ansari drew up a secret plan, mission Zulfiqar, Over a few years, they slowly smuggled all of the nerve gas across the border into Kashmir, in small quantities. Today the nerve gas has been stockpiled in a hideout in Kashmir. Pakistani terrorist wants to attack in Delhi and wants to ballast the nerve gas in Delhi. Furthermore Sajid and Moosa has choosed to finish this mission. Nerve gas attack means an act of war.

So now we have to find Moosa and Sajid.

And The Episode Ends Here.