We Can Find Here A Special Amazing Thriller Operation In Suspence Way In -The Family Man Season 1 Episode 9 Story Explanation In English

At the end of Episode 8 we have read that how Srikant searched all the mission details. Furthermore how he reached in Balochistan to find Faizan. Then finally all TASC member know Pakistani terrorist wants to nerve gas attack in Delhi. Moreover Sajid and Moosa has been choosed to do this operation. Now will Srikant able to find Moosa and Sajid? As per Srikant guess Sajid is currently getting the nerve gas stock in Delhi from Kashmir, and Moosa is hiding somewhere. Then these two will finally meet in Delhi. Major Sameer has all the information about the full mission. To know all about the story read The Family Man Season 1 Episode 9 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore you can watch all episodes of The Family Man on amazon prime.

“The Family Man Season 1 Episode 9 Story Explanation In English”

“Fighting Dirty”

Now TASC team set up checkpoints at all the entries and exits of the city. Now TASC officer Mr. Kulkarni call india’s PM, where he tells him full operation of pakistani terrorist. Then PM asked Kulkarni how we will stop this attack? Then Kulkarni reply to PM – Sir you have to talk to Pakistani PM, and convince him, Pakistani genral officer “Ansari” and “Major Sameer” is leading all the mission. So please sir tells to Pakistani PM to stop their officers otherwise is can be an act of war.

Now India PM calls to Pakistani PM, and trying to make him convince.

“Major Sameer Kidnapped”

In the next scene Pakistani PM visit in genral Ansari house, and trying to make him understand to stop this mission. But genral Ansari deny he don’t know anything about the mission Zulfiqar. After that Pakistani PM threat Ansari if you don’t do anything, and if you don’t abort the mission then it’ll be bad for you. Then finally he convince.

  • Now Pakistani PM’s bodyguard kidnapped Major Sameer. moreover they start to torture major Sameer, and asking him – tell me , where is the nerve gas? But he is not telling any single word.
  • Genral khusrid threat him – I’ll give you one more chance to save your life. But Sameer reply – It doesn’t matter, If a million lives like mine are sacrified for my pakistan.
  • Genral Khusrid – If you think you’ll succeed, you are wrong. Because Genral Ansari has joined the PM and deserted you. If you remain stubborn, you’ll die. So please give us, what we want. We’ll end this matter there.
  • Finally Major Sameer convinced and give the all location of cordinates of the nerve gas.
  • In the next scene when Saloni ask to Srikant what will be your next plan?
  • Srikant reply – I am just waiting, Pakistani PM put pressure on Genral Ansari.
  • meanwhile Srikant receive a call from Kulkarni where he said – I,had got a call from Khusrshid in Islamabad. We have the location coordinates of the nerve gas. Sajid will be transporting them.

“Nerve Gas Coordinate Location”

Now Saloni and her all team is working on that coordinates of nerve gas. Where Srikant is speaking – Target is a highly- motivated individual. Sajid has extensive training in IEDs. Moreover As far as I know, he has the complete support of Basharat and the locals.

  • In the next scene Sajid and Basharat with local support are loading the truck of nerve gas. Meanwhile Basharat receive a call from major Sameer -Where he talks with him in code language.
  • Now Basharat telling his team – We have to stop Sajid. But meanwhile Sajid transport the truck. Now Basharat is following him.Finally he reached in Sajid. Basharat tells him – We got order from Major Sameer, the mission has been compromised. Major Sameer has asked you to go to Delhi and meet Chettan.

Vikram [ army] gives an instruction to all team target engaged. Then they start to shoot them, but Sajid drive the truck and run away from there. Where Vikram give an instruction Saloni – The target is on the move, he’s heading towards you, So engage to capture.

Finally they captured the loaded nerve gas truck safely. But Sajid run away from the place.

“What Will Be The Next Plan B”The Family Man Season 1 Episode 9 Story Explanation In English

  • In the next scene Sajid reach in Delhi. Where he meet to Moosa.
  • Where Moosa tells him – Faizan was captured, he’s currently in American custody. And Major Sameer was arrested by Pakistani army itself, and Genral Ansari turned out to be a traitor.
  • Sajid – So that mean mission Zulfiqar is over.
  • Moosa – Zulfiqar is not yet over. There is a plan B.

And The Episode Ends Here.