“Candy” Web Series Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English –

Ending of Candy Season 1 Episode 3, we have seen, that Jayanth knew the truth of Bayu. Therefore Bayu wants to kill Jayanth, and he kidnapped Naresh. Is Bayu invove in all murder mystrey? To know full story read Candy Web Series Season 1 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

“Imran” is going inside the Jayanth house, and he is taking Jayanth laptop. Meanwhile Jayanth came there but he escapped from there with Kalki’s handycam. But when Imran check that camera he found memory card is missing from there.

Therefore Jayanth handovered this memory card to Ratna. But Ratna gave this to Atmanath. Meanwhile Atmanath informed , Ranawat about the memory card, in which Mehul is exposing Bayun, Imran, Sanju, and John.

Next day Ranawat sent some men in police station, and they start to scream and attack on police station. Now they drag out Naresh from police station and bruttly start to hit him All are screaming there, Naresh is murderer and he have to die. But in real this plan has set by Ranawat Because they want to steal the memory card, from the police station. This is why they made this scenerio in police station. Where they killed Naresh.

Meanwhile Kalki and Jayanth reached there and they seen all this incident.

Now all genralist came there to cover this news, altogether Ratna received a phone call from her senior, and they are shouting on Ratna, to appointing her there. So they suspend Ratna from her job. In the next side Jayanth is too shouting on her, because Ratna kick him out from this case.

  • In the next scene we see, 14 years ago – Mr.Negi ji was the first victim, who had killed by Mashaan. After that, Mashaan killed many people there.
  • Syaam Pandey is telling this story to Jayanth and saying further – After death of Negi Ji, Ranawat juggle his all property. Ranawat is making people fool, and he arranged a big rituals worship every four year, to stop Mashaan. But that is his strategy to make a faith towards public.

Now Ratna is going to Jayanth house and asking sorry, and saying that she have only 2weeks, she wants to exposed Mashaan real story and real culprit behind this mess.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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