Patal Lok Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English –

At the end of Episode 2 we have seen that Hathi Ram decide to go Citraakoot to know about the history of Tyagi. Moreover Ansari decide to go Punjab to know the story of Tope Singh. What will be the investigation result? To know all about that read Patal Lok Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore watch Patal Lok web series in Amazon Prime.

“Patal Lok Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English”

“A History Of Voilence”

Now Ansari reached at punjab. Then he meets to Mahipal Singh. Where Mahipal singh telling his story to Ansari. Where in past Tope singh and his family was tortured due to caste conflicts. So the village guy always made his bulley regarding his caste and all. So one day he find Sukkha ji who taught him fight against thsoe people who bullied him. After that Tope Singh attacked from Knife to three people who always bullied him.

When he reached home his uncle Mahipal sing got angry with him. What he done with those people. Where Tope Singh mom tells him fgo and run away from here and never came back to home.

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Here in the next scene Hathi Ram reached in Chitraakoot, where he find Tyagis history. How he murdered his three classmates with a hammer. Because they were talking sexually assaulting for her sister.

Now Hathi Ram is searching his old criminal record in Chitrakoot police station. Where he find his home adress then he go there. Where Tyaagi’s father is saying to Hathi Ram – We’ve got nothing to do with him anymore, now we dont know who he are. Then Hathi Ram goes from his house and waiting for his family member in outside his house.

Here in the next scene Sanjeev is aslo want to search those four history why they want to killed him. So he is taking his company worker Sara helps. Furthermore Sanjeev have an extra marital affair with her. Sara sent him Vishal tyagi picture and telling him he is known as Hathoda Tyagi. Becasue he killed everyone from hammer.

“Hthi Ram Investigation” Patal Lok Season 1 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English

Now Hathi Ram find a reporter in Chitrakoot. Who gives him some information about Tyagi. He told him – Have you ever heard Donullia name?.

  • Hathi Ram – Yes Donullia gujjar bludy bandit.
  • Reporter – yes sir.No one really knows for sure where he lives or how he looks. He have only 4 to 5 lieutenants, only they know about him. except this no one even seen him four years now. But he have a multiple network. Where Tyagi comes in his most special and trusted hit men. this entire oragnization is handle by Donullia’s brother as too.
  • Hathi Ram – What’s his brother name ?
  • Where reporter gave him a single his brother stand into your back. When Hathi Ram watch he find two man who is running after interact with Hathi Ram. hathi Ram following him.
Patal Lok Season 01 Episode 03 Story Explanation In English

Here in the next scene Sanjeev got Vishaal Tyagi image from Sara. Then told to his channel just print this news this guy want to kill me.Where he come live in his channel and telling this news about Vishal Tyagi. Who have murderd 45people in sevreal state.

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Now Hathi Ram go a call from DCP Bhagat who is shouting on him – Who leaked this news in media? Hathi Ram get socked to hear this news in viral at Sanjeev Channel.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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