The Family Man Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English

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At the end of Episode 1 we have seen that how Faizal and Major Sameer is planning for his new mission – Mission Zulfiqar. Which is secret mission, for that they are finding a guy in india who will done their mission. Moreover we saw the little fight in between Srikant and Suchitra, because Srikant doesn’t give an enough time to his family. So will the national investigation agency aware from the next mission of terrorists? To know more about the story read The Family Man Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore you can watch all episodes of The Family Man on amazon prime.

“The Family Man Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English”


Here in the first scene a guy who is putting bomb on the scooter, but his face is not visible, furthermore he park his scooter near the school. Next morning when the local police know about the time bomb in the scooter, they vacated all place, and after some time bomb blasted there.

  • Kulkarni head of the T.A.S.C now he shouted on his staff where he is asking to his team – How did this happened? How the hell did we miss this? The PM is asking the NIA why we could not stop this attack? T.A.S.C was created to prevent such attacks !
  • Then Srikant reply to Kulkarni – Sir I think this doesn’t seem to be the work of a sleeper cell. It’s looks like alone man job. A solo operation sir. Otherwise, something would have shown up on the Radar.
  • Now Asif and Moosa admitted in the hospital. Where Asif is in coma stage, and Moosa is under treatment. Where Srikant comes to meet Moosa and asking him – So when did you join ISIS?
  • Moosa Reply – Three years ago. I left Kasaragod, Asif was already in Syria. So He arranged everything for me. They had me handle their websites. I just wanted to run away from that place, That’s when I came to know that Asif was planning a mission in India. I begged Asif to include me in it. Because It was only way to return to India.
  • Srikant – Did Asif ever mention anything about the Mission?
  • Moosa – Whenever I asked he said that something big was going to happen.
  • At last Srikant threat Moosa against his mother, if he didnt speak the truth, and then goes from there.
Neeraj Madhav on playing Moosa in The Family Man: This was the character  I'd been waiting for

“Principal Canceled Dhriti Suspend Procedure”

  • Here in the next scene Suchitra Iyer is looking with her old friend Arvind, . in a college canteen. Where Arvind is giving her advice – You’ve been doing this job for nine years, and you are good at it. So I’ll be straight forward just leave this stupid job and join our company. But she deny to do work in his company.

Now Srikant is dug up old records of his daughter school. Then send that notice in BMC office. Next day the BMC team go in to the school and took their buldozer to drag the land. When principal start to ask them what you are doing? Then the man reply – We sent you a notice a while back but there was no reply. This whole structure is illegal, we need to demolish it. Principal request him – we didn’t receive any notice, so please get rid of this bulldozer. Meanwhile Srikant comes there with his daughter. Where he manage all the mess what was going there. After that principal say thanks to Srikant and canceled his daughter suspend procedure from the school.

  • When srikant reached in his home his wife said to him – I want to try . something new. So i want to quit my job. But Srikant didn’t response her because he received urgent message on their phone and he goes from there.

“Three New Suspect”The Family Man Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English

Ajit connect Srikant, JK, and Sharma, in a conference call. Where he is telling to everyone- There’s a group on Facebook called “Almighty’s Army”. We have been monitoring three of the members closely, Arshad Dalal, Hussain Gudur, and Riyaz younis. They work for a gaming company. All three of them have been to Saudi for Hajj. They also visted Dubai for four days, recently they applied for a visa to Turkey, which is backdoor of Syria. Furthermore they were in constant touch with the ISIS leads in Syria, through the video conferencing.

“Mission Message Reach In Drop Box”

  • Now TASC team member visit on company where, Arshad, Hussain, and Riyaj is working. Then they arrest them in their custody. Srikant is asking him about their boss. Who kept bomb on the scooter. After some time Hussain speak on ISIS – we never talk, they only speak to Arsad. Then Arsad tells to Srikant – They only messaged me, like what to pick, where to drop it. thats all. He never meets us personally.He always leaves something in a box, and we get a message to collect something from the drop box.
  • Srikant – Where is drop box?
  • Arsad – It’s in front of Victoria college hostel.
  • Now srikant and their team ready to prepare for monitor the drop box.

Kulkarni make phone cal to Srikant where he speak to him – Sleeper agent of RAW from Balochistan has tipped us something big is being planned. Those three guys who were caught in Kochi, and the sccoter bomber atre involved in this. This mission is called – Mission Zulfiqar.

“And The Episode Ends Here ”

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