Aarya Season 2 Ending Story Explanation In English (Episode 8) An Amazing Thriller –

In this article you will get Aarya Season 2 Ending Story Explanation In English (Episode 8). At the end of previous episode 7 of Aarya season 2 we saw, that Maya has killed Shekhawat’s sister. How will Aarya handle all the situation? Moreover you can find here another movies review. –

  • Shekhawat and Sampat have found Aarya’s warehouse address, where she hidden Nandini. But Shekhawat and Sampat is unaware about Nandini‘s death.
  • Aarya and Maya is packing Nandini’s body from the plastic. Meanwhile Sampat reached there, but they somehow manage to escaped. Aarya and Maya, is now searching a secluded place, and then there they dumped Nandini’s body. Moreover Aarya cuts Nandini’s ring finger.
  • Now Aarya is again going in prison to meet Daulat. But here Acp.Khan meets Aarya, and tells her, that he is feeling sorry because now he knew, Gopi is the killer of Sangram.
  • Aarya gets shocked to hear, because Gopi is Aarya’s security guy, and Daulat hired Gopi for Aarya. But when Aarya meets to Daulat, he tells her – “He is just a servant, and whatever he does, does at the behest of his owner command”.

Aarya shared, with her mom, that Zorawar paid Daulat and Gopi to kill Sangram. Rajeshwari is asking Zorawar, why he killed his son? Zorawar accepted, and says he did all this, to safe Aarya’s life.

Now Udayveer Shekhawat received a letter from, Aarya, in which she sent, Nandini’s finger, and threat him more – If he will not return Keniya to her then she’ll kill his sister Nandini.

  • Next day all are celebrating Holi festival, and Anton with some Russian guy, reached at Aarya’s house for their money. At the same time Sampat reaches with Keniya at Aarya’s house.

Aarya Season 2 Ending Story Explanation In English (Episode 8)

  • Aarya is the single owner of Zorawar’s property, she tells Keniya, to give 50crore money to Russian, from her offshore account. Moreover Sampat is now aware about Nandini’s death, and now he is supporting Aarya.

Meanwhile Shekhawat’s one man informs him, – “that Nandini is dead, and Sampat, Aarya, and Russians have become one. So they wants to kill you”.

Antons provide fake passport to Aarya, but now Aarya decide that she’ll not running anywhere. Now she will live like a queen.

Now she is going for Udayveer Shekhawat’s encounter. But here udayveer reveal a secret that Aarya is his daughter, then Rajeshwari confirmed Aarya – Yes! Udayveer is saying true. She get stop for a minute and then she again take Udayveer in her gun point, and killed him.

In the last scene, Aarya, Sampat and Russians are celebrating Holi together. Moreover Zorawar has died due to third stage of cancer. Now Aarya received a phone calls from Nandini’s husband Sooraj, where he is saying – You will definitely get punish what you did with Nandini.

And The Season 2 Of Aarya has ends Here.

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