Aarya Season 2 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English

Aarya Season 2 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English =

AArya TV Series

At the end of Aarya Season 2 Episode 6 we saw, Aarya has aquitted from the court. In this article you can find Aarya Season 2 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English. Moreover you can find here another movies review. –

Khan is feeling guilty, and says sorry to Aarya.

  • When Aarya goes to home, she find Antons and some Russian there. They’re playing with Aadi. Aarya is behaving normally and she’s hiding her fear in front of her son. Now she’s doing a deal with Antons, and saying she’s returning her all consignments but in return she need a fake passports. Now Aarya is showing them her car, and there they find their all consignments.
  • While leaving, Antons is requesting 50 crore interest on their consignments. Furthermore Antons gives her 5days of time to return their interest.
  • Now Aarya calls Mr.Rungta and says him – that she wants to sell her factory, but this time she need full payments. But Mr.Rungta is able to give her 80crore Rs in advance. Hina’s signature is mandatory in factory paper.
  • Sangram’s funeral is going there, After the rituals Aarya asks Hina for signature, But Hina is still thinking Aarya is Sangram’s murderer. Hina signs the paper, and then she through all paper in fire.
  • Daulat is behind the bars, and Aarya comes to meet him. Here Daulat informs her, Raghu-Kumawat was Shekhawat’s men, and Shekhawat wants to kill you. Now Aarya is scaring who will protect her outside. Then Daulat makes her realise that she is a lioness, take out your claws and attacks on your enemy. No one can help you, but you can help you by yourself.

Aarya Season 2 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English

Keriya is held captive by Shekhawat. Therefore Aarya makes a plan she kidnapped Shekhawat’s sister Nandini and her child. Aarya threats Shekhawat, if he’ll not going to release Keriya, then she’ll kill his sister Nandini.

  • Aarya tied Nandini in a room, and Maya is keeping eyes on her. Later on Nandini said that she is on her periods days, so she wants to change. Then Maya leave her free, meanwhile after seeing the opportunity Nandini starts running away.
  • Now Maya inform Aarya, that she killed Nandini in a clash.

And next side Sampat and Shekhawat get aware, that Aarya hide their sister Nandini in her warehouse.

And The Episode 7 Ends Here.

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