The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 2 Explanation In English – You’ll Check Here A Kind Of Crammed & Thriller Murder Mystrey.

At the end of The Last Hour Sesaon 1 Episode 1 we have seen, that Inspector Arup has joined North-East. He came here for some peace, but he’s interogating one by one murder case. Moreover Dev he lose his brother Joe, he has killed by inspector Rana. Dev is a Shaman so he’s the witness of victim. To know more about the show read The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 2 Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check the review of “The Last Hour”.

The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 2 Explanation In English

  • In the first scene of this Episode one police man, is asking about his future to Yama-Nadu. Where Yama- Nadu speak him you’ll die soon in the lap of mountain. After heard this, the Police man, and his mother shouted on Yama- Nadu and Thapa – We should ask to that man, who illuminate a candle, and then talk to spirit, we’re here for waste of time.
  • After that Yama-Nadu understood, the ladies is talking about that guy, whom he’s searching from many year.
  • In the next scene Arup, show Arzu’s dead body to Dev, and ask him, just tell me what happened with this girl? Then Dev touch her hand and tells him, Arzu’s soul has left her body, and her body is cold internally. So I can’t speak anything.
  • Then Dev looked Arzu’s driver dead body there, After that he understood who killed Arzu and his driver. He saw Yama-Nadu killed them, because Yama-Nadu want to grab the power of Dev. But he don’t know who’s Dev, so he’s killing every Shaman. Who’s belong from Shaman, they wear a same bracelet band in hand. That same Bracelet band wore by the driver, So thats why Yama-Nadu killed him.

Why Yama-Nadu Is Killing Shaman?

  • Now Dev is sharing his child story with Arup. – Amoo named lady, she adopted many child, and then she started to gave all of them a Shaman knowledge. One day someone tried to kill Amoo, and in wounded condition, she gave her all special power to Dev, because she’s aware she’ll die soon. And the man who tried to kill Amoo was Yama-Nadu, counterattack Amoo ruined his one eye. He killed her to take all power from her, So now Yama-nadu is searching that shaman, from whom Amoo gave her all powers.
  • Now Arup started to believe on Dev, so Arup ask him for help to solve the case, and find Yama-Nadu. Moreover Dev get ready to help him.
  • When they go for search, Dev find Thapa(Yama-Nadu’s man) with one girl in hotel. He inform Arup, but Thapa run away from there. Now they arrest the girl and asked Thapa adress. But she said that Thapa always called her with different different new numbers and he always sell stolen goods to her.
  • Then police tells her if Thapa will call you next time then inform police directly.
  • In the next scene Arup and Dev go for dinner in Arup house. Where he know that Pari is Arup daughter, and “Nyima” has died in one year ago. But Dev can see her soul in their house.
  • Meanwhile Pari said Dev, I saw you in my college, but Arup said today Dev was with me. May be you misunderstood, but Pari is saying no she’s sure, that she saw Dev today.

Yama-Nadu Finds Dev Adress

Now Yama-Nadu and Thapa reach in Doma’s hotel. Yama- Nadu is saying her – your father friend is my nephew, Then Doma ask her – are you talking about Dev? Yama-Nadu answer – yes! Can you tell me where is he? Then Doma inform Dev adress to Yama-Nadu.

And The Episode-2 Ends Here.