The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 3 Explanation In English – You’ll Get Here A Kind Of Crammed & Thriller Murder Mystrey & Suspence.

At the end of The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 2 we have seen that, Dev is helping police to solve the victim case. Moreover Yama-Nadu is finding Dev, So he take Dev adress from Doma. Yama-Nadu killed many Shaman, How will Dev save his life? To know more about the show read The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 3 Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check the review of “The Last Hour”.

The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 3 Explanation In English

  • In the first scene Yama-Nadu reach in Dev adress, but Dev is busy in investigation with Arup. Meanwhile Yama-Nadu killed other guy, who was living in Dev hut’s. After that Yama-Nadu understood this guy is not Dev.
  • Yama-Nadu think that Doma lied to him, so he again go Doma’s shop.
  • Now cop’s inform Arup, one more guy has killed in Dev hut’s.
  • Then Dev and Arup go there, Dev again perform his ritual to know, who killed him. Dev illuminate a candle, and touch his hand, and sleep next to him. Where Dev saw, Yama-Nadu & Thapa was killing him, and now they’re going in Doma’s shop.
  • Yama-Nadu and Thapa reached in Doma’s shop, they try to kill Doma, counterattack Doma wounded Thapa’s leg. Meanwhile Arup and Dev reach there.
  • Now Dev is scaring about Doma’s life so he suggest her to shift somewhere else for some time. So Doma decide to go to live with her uncle house.
  • Moreover Arup provide Dev a new room. Because he know Yama-Nadu wants to kill Dev, and he can attack on Dev anytime.
  • In the next scene Pari, make her new friend in college,Loki, Pintu and etc. Loki and Pintu both are like to Pari.
  • Loki is a college stud boy, but Pintu’s one leg is depraved due to Polio. So one day Pari decide to go in pub with her friend. After an hour police raid in that Pub because they have a drug warrent against that pub-shop.
  • All people stampede and escaping , So Pari scared and she try to run from there. Meanwhile Pari saw Dev there, and she’s taking help from Dev.

How Nyima died?

  • After that Dev hide Pari in his room. Where Pari is talking to Dev about her mother death – one hour before her death, Nyima and Arup was fighting. So Pari is saying she wants the truth behind her mom death. Because after their fight, they both went in a car somewhere, After some time Pari’s father came back alone.
  • Pari know that Dev is a Shaman, so she’s taking help of Dev.
  • Moreover Pari have a special power, she can see and meet to Dev, when Dev go back in time during, when he talk to Spirit.
  • Somewhere Dev wants to help Pari, but he get stop, because he memorised what Amoo’s said him,- This power is not for his happiness, the power you’re keeping to hide this power from Yama-Nadu.
  • Police viral Yama-Nadu and Thapa’s image in everywhere. So one old lady inform police that she saw Thapa just a minute before in her shop.
  • Moreover police and Dev reach in that adress, first time Dev and Yama-Nadu interect with each other. So Yama-Nadu try to kill Dev but he attack Yama-Nadu’s eye, from this eye he look the future of other. After that Yama-Nadu and Thapa escapped from there.

And The Episode 3 Ends Here.