The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 4 Explanation In English – You’ll Get Here An Amazing Kind Of Crammed & Thriller Murder Mystrey & Suspence.

At the end of The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 3 we have seen that Pari is asking for help to Dev, to find her mother death casue. Moreover Yama-Nadu and Dev interacted first time, Dev ruined Yama-Nadu’s eye, from which eye he can watch the future. Meanwhile Yama-Nadu and Thapa escaped from there. To know more about the show read The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 4 Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check the review of “The Last Hour”.

The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 4 Explanation In English

  • Yama-Nadu have a special power to watch anyone’s future, but still he wants to grab Dev’s power. Because after that he can change his death, and can alive forever.
  • Yama-Nadu and Thapa escaped from there. After that police heard one more death news, of old women, who gave Yama-Nadu adress to police.

  • Then again Dev check her death cause, who killed her, he sleep in next to her and saw – Thapa heard, when was the old woman informed police about their adress. So Thapa killed her. Then Dev send the old woman soul in one boat across the sea.
  • In this situation Pari is the one who can see Dev, when he go back in time. Now Dev saw Pari there, who’s trying to sucide, meanwhile Dev saved her.

But when Dev opened his eyes, he found himself in ventilator. Where he saw Pari in front of him, Pari is taking a promise from Dev, and saying- Promise me! next time you’ll never come to meet me, when you was back in time. Meet me here in this world, in this place, in present.

  • In the next scene Police recieved one more call, where someone inform police that Yama-Nadu and Thapa is going across the border.
  • So now all’re thinking Thapa and Yama-Nadu has gone. But in actual they’re hiding somewhere, from where police can’t find him, they’re hiding in Dev old huts.
  • Yama-Nadu wants to take revenge from Dev, because he attacked on Yama-Nadu’s eye and now he can’t see anyone future. His eyes completely ruined, and they can’t go somewhere, because of Police, so he’s doing treatment by himself.
  • Meanwhile Yama-Nadu see Pari’s sketch in Dev house.

“Pari Loves Dev”

  • Dev is feeling guilt, because he think he’s betraying Arup, he loves Pari, and he always meet her, but Arup is unaware from all those things. So Dev decide to go from there, he packed his bag. Meanwhile he again saw Nyima’s soul, when he follow her, Nyima took Dev in Pari’s college.

When Pari saw dev, she tells him, that somewhere inside her soul always force her to do sucide. She always hear a voice , where someone always said her one thing, “do sucide” and this voice come from her inner body.

And The Episode Ends Here.