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Khan is interogating Aarya. Then Shefali tells to Khan, that he has 24 hours to make a confession from Aarya. Khan is thinking Aarya is the killer of Sangram, so he is forcing her to confess everything. But Aarya is saying that she want to hire a lawyer. But Khan reply her – Tomorrow is sunday and she can’t hire lawyer, So it’ll be good for her to confess she is murderer of Sangram. Meanwhile Aarya show her middle finger to Acp-Khan.

  • Next scene Aarya’s daughter Aaru, goes to the bar, and here she is finding some drugs pills. After that she consumed all pills one by one. Aarya is getting worry about her daughter and she is calling to Aaru continously.
  • Arjun is going inside Aarya’s house here he meets to Veer. Then Veer tells him, IT-raid is going in their house therefore Arjun tells them to go with him. Now they are going from Aarya’s car, but Raid-police stop their car and start to check. 300crore consignments, Aarya hide in her car, therefore Veer remove the puppets placed on top of the consignments and says these are his brother Aadi’s project tool. Then police allow them to go.

Next morning when Samapt goes to bar, he find Aaru is lying unconscious, for this he blame himself because some days ago he gave drugs pills in restaurents bar. Hence Sampat reaches in hospital with Aaru.

Aarya Season 2 Episode 6 Story Explanation In English

  • It turns from night to morning but Aarya does not confess anything. There after Shefali tied Aarya’s hand, these interogation is non-recorded, that mean Aarya has been torture illegally by Shefali and her team. And Shefali is doing it only for her own sake, Khan explains Shefali that she’s doing wrong.
  • Now Shefali is mentally torturing Aarya, and saying “Your daughter Aaru is hospitalized due to drugs overdose and she is still in a coma”. Aarya is crying for help, but Shefali wants a conffesion first, that she is the killer of Sangram. Because Sangram’s wife Hina blamed her name.
  • Aarya’s hands is tied, so she attacks on Shefali by her foot, then Khan took Shefali in another room, and offered some water. Meanwhile, Sushila comes there, and informs Aarya,Aaru is now out of coma, and she is little well. But do not confess anything in front of Khan. Then Aarya did same, as Sushila trained her.

Next day Khan received a lead, The Polychroll was found in late-Raghu Kumawat’s shoes, are from Aarya’s pharamaceutical factory. Then Khan send all shoes of Aarya’s house in a lab for polychroll test. After that he get report, and find Aarya is connected with Raghu Kumawat’s death.

  • Next morning Aarya goes for court trial, and Shefali says against of Aarya and demands to be take her in police remand. Mrs.Malika is trying to proof Aarya is innocent, meanwhile she opened a letter in which a statement has written by Daulat that he was the murderer of Raghu-Kumawat. Daulat surrendered himself 2 hours ago.
  • Now judge is thinking Shefali is intentionally trying to frame Aarya, so judge decide to take hard action against Shefali.

Then Aarya aquitted from court.

And Episode 6 Ends Here.