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  • Everyone is looking for Sangram, because no one knows about Sangram death. Daulat comes to meet Aarya, and he introduces Aarya from Gopi, and says Gopi to be take care of Aarya and her family.
  • Rajeshwari meets to Udayveer and asks him, where is my son Sangram? But Udayveer says that he really don’t know where is Sangram.

Sampat visit Sangram’s restaurents, and he says to Kabeer(manager of restaurent), that from today onwards he will control Sangram’s restaurent property.

  • Keniya is suspecting on Samapt and thinking he was threatning Sangram since from many days. May be Sampat is the kidnapper of Sangram.

  • Roop is calling to Sangram, but Aarya received her call. In which Roop is saying that Sushila is now agree to return their 300 crore consignments.
  • Roop meets to Aarya and she handovered all consignments to Aarya. When Aarya sees Roop, she find she is just 21years old. Then Aarya asks her why are you spoiling your life in this mess? there after Roop reply – that she have no other choice.

In next scene Khan received Sangram dead body’s picture on his mobile. Then he calls Hina and inform her, that Sangram is no more. Maya shared this sad news with Aarya.

Aarya Season 2 Episode 5 Story Explanation In English –

  • When Acp-Khan interogate Hina, she blamed Aarya‘s name, and says Aarya is the one who is killer of her husband Sangram. Because she want to take revenge from Sangram.
  • Aarya’s daughter Aaru is not feeling well after heard death news of her uncle Sangram. She take some drugs pills from Kabeer, When Daulat sees aaru like this he start to threat Kabeer to stay away from Aaru. After that Kabeer deny Aaru to do not hang with him, because he urgent need for this job. If Daulat again see him, with Aaru, then he can eleminate Kabeer from his job.

In the next scene, Gopi is teaching little Aadi how to fire a gun. Even Aadi is playing games related to gun fire and his friend Aarav is joining him. Moreover Aarav’s father Arjun is doing dinner with Aarya. And Arjun and Aarya is now good friends.

Later on Aarya text a message from the same mobile which she received from Russian. She text to Antony that she have their consignment let’s meet.

But at the same night Aarya arrested by the police, and she flush her sim on toilet.

And The Episode 5 Ends Here.

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