Aarya Season 2 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English –

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Sangram has kidnapped by Gopi. Gopi’s people bring Sangram to some secluded place. Sangram wife Hina is continously trying to call him. But the number is can’t reachable. Because today Mr.Rungta is coming for meeting of factory sell. But there is no trace of Sangram. So They decide to go from there.

  • In the next side Acp-Khan tells to Saifali that he have one lead information. May be Aarya wants to start the factory again. Khan is saying further they can trapped Aarya’s friend Maya, and then she can reveal her secret.
  • Maya works as a nude-model in painters drawing class. After end of the class she meets to Khan, and Khan intentionally puts some drugs on her bag. Then he trapped her in a drugs deals.

Now Maya is ready to do works for Khan, because now she don’t want any other mess in her life cause of drugs and all. Khan set a recorder wire on Maya and sent her to meet keniya. But Maya somehow thinking about Aarya, and deciding that she can’t betray her friend. So Maya explains Keniya in gestures that don’t reveal full of talk, and she show her recorded wire to him. Then Keniya understood something is wrong on her.

Raghu Kumawat’s autopsy report revealed that the polychroll was found on his shoes. But the polychrolls most of the time used in medicines factory. Therefore Khan asks Sushila to investigate all the Pharmaceutical factory, specially Aarya’s factory.

Aarya Season 2 Episode 4 Story Explanation In English

  • Next scene we saw Hina’s water bag has ruptured, and she admitted in hospital. Hina and Aarya is wooried about Sangram, because he disappeared since from a day, and his phone number is not connecting. Hina gaves birth to a baby boy.
  • Sangram is trying to convince Gopi, that he’ll pay him double money of whoever has given money to Gopi to kidnapped Sangram. Then Sangram calls Keniya, and asks for 12lakh Rs.
  • When Gopi received Money, he leaves Sangram. Then Sangram firstly calls to Aarya where Aarya gives him good news, that he is now a father of a baby boy. After that Sangram decide to go hospital first, but Gopi fired gun shot on his chest.

And The Season 4 Ends Here.

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