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Someone continously trying to fired on Aarya, meanwhile this time Daulat comes there to save her life. Because Zorawar sent him for Aarya’s security.

  • Aarya has shifted in her new house, and Keriya is arranging all this for Aarya. Furthermore he can arrange a fake passport for Aarya. And finally Aarya’s old maid Poonam has came there to help her.
  • Daulat is handovering factory paper to Aarya and saying 8guards will protect her 24hours. He tells further who attacks on Aarya, his name is Raghu Kumawat, and Daulat will try to find out soon by whom he hired to shot Aarya.

In the next scene investigating officer Sushila reaches in crime site, where they find Raghu Kumawat body.

Now Sangram gives 1 crore Rs advance to Sushila and asking for his 300crore consignment. But Sushila wants 2crore Rs from Sangram, until he doesn’t complete his deal she’ll not provide his consignment to him back.

Aarya’s daughter Aaru is now doing internship of bar tender in Sangram restaurent. She tried to attempt sucide many times therefore Aarya said to Veer, to keep eyes on Aaru. In the next side Aadi has joined his school.

Next day Sampat’s man reaches in Sangram house, and warning him again, that the return delivery date of consignments is very near. If Sangram will unable to return consignment then that will be the last time of his.

Aarya Season 2 Episode 3 Story Explanation In English

  • A bouquet containing a card, arrives at Aarya’s house and a Russians wants to meet Aarya. And there is also a box which has a phones.
  • Meanwhile Aarya received a phone call from Keriya, where he is informing her – Mr.Rungta wants to buy your factory. And he can give 3crore advance. Then Aarya asks to set up a meeting with them. And quickly asks to arranges passport because now she don’t have much time.

Somehow Aarya convinced Sangram that they have to sell their Pharmaceutical company. And a man is ready to give them 3 crore Rs advance. After heard an advance money deal, he get ready for the meeting with Mr.Rungta.

When Sangram walks outside his restaurent, someone comes and kidnapped him.

And The Episode 3 Ends Here.

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