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  • Next day we see Aarya in a court, and here Shefali is asking some question from Aarya. She is asking – The information saved in Pen-Drive is this true or not?? Is Sangram is involved in illegal business of drugs?? Shefali shows some picture in a court from the Pen-drive. Now all’re waiting for Aarya’s answer. Meanwhile Sangram’s girlfriend Hina cried loudly and try to manupilate Aarya, that she is pregnant of 8months, and Sangram is her baby’s father. She’ll not be able to raise her child alone.
  • Again court asks Aarya the same qus – Whatever is in this pen-drive is true or not? Then Aarya reply – No. After that Rajeshwari, Sangram, and Udayveer looks happy. And Then Court acquitted Sangram.
  • Acp Khan also refused to give security, Visa Passport, to Aarya and threats her how will she interogates these wild wolves whose wants to kill her. After the court Maya comes to Pic Aarya and her child.

In the next scene, Some Russians comes inside Zorawar house. So here they’re asking for 300crore consignments, which has stolen by Sangram in season 1. Then Russians provide them, some limited time, to return their consignments.

  • Meanwhile Sangram is watching a news – last year investigating officer Sushila had burnt drugs worth of 300crore.
  • Later it disclose that Sushila burnt fake drugs powder, and she is too involved in Sangram mess.

Aarya Season 2 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English –

Veer is looking upset with her mom, what she’had done in court. But Aarya tells to Veer this is the way to get out of here. She decide that she’ll sell her all jewelery and the pharmaceutical company. But Veer makes her aware that Sangram is equal partner of Pharmaceutical company and she can’t sell it alone.

Sampat is now suspecting on Sangram, because last time sangram took the bag of consignment. But Sangram is saying last time he had delivered the consignment in station, because Shekhawat told him to done this job. But then there police arrived. Still Sampat is threatning Sangram and asking for consignment returns within 10 days.

When Sangram meets to his father zorawar, here he knows that Zorawar gives his all property to Aarya.

  • Now Sangram don’t have a single Rs So he decide to marry with his girlfriend Hina. He calls his mom, and invite her for his marriage, and asks her to bring her grandmother necklace for Hina.
  • Next day Rajeshwari brings the same necklace for Hina. Aarya also invited in a party, and she asks to Sangram why you’re trying to kill me? After that Sangram reply her – why would I take your life, He’ll always protect Aarya, because now he’s going to be a father. And he wants to be a honest guy.

In the next side Keriya informs Aarya, that she is now the owner of Zorawar’s all property. But she says that she has no intrest in all this property. Next day Aarya comes to her factory, which is sealed, and somehow she goes there and find the factory paper. But then again someone try to fired a bullets on her.

And The Episode 2 Ends Here.