Here You’ll Get An Amazing Thrilled In Aarya Season 2 Episode 1 Story Explanation –

At the end of Aarya season 1 we have seen Aarya’s struggle, without her husband. When Aarya decided to shift in Newzeland, she received a threatened message on her mobile. Now how’ll she deal the situation ? For that read Aarya Season 2 Episode 1 Story Explanation. Moreover you can find here another movies review. –

  • At the begining of the episode 1 we see shekhawat’s father Udayveer, and we’re seen that trial is going on Zorawar Sangram and Udayveer Shekhawat. Moreover their lawyer Mallika tells that in a year it’s their 7th time when they presented in a court. And Zorawar is patient of third stage cancer so someone is intentionally framing Zorawar in drugs case.
  • After that Prosecution lawyer Shefali says that Zorawar killed his son-in-law Tej to grab Pen-drive from him. She tells further that she have a witness, but she need time till monday to take them in court.

Now we sees Aarya she is talking with ACP-Khan. Altogether Khan has shifted her Australia, not to Newzealand. He is forcing Aarya to go back India as a witness of Tej murder case. Finally she get ready to go India with her childs. She is shifting in a safe house of Acp-Khan with full security protection, and guards.

In the next scene Sampat is going inside the prison to meet Udayveer Shekhawat. He is worrying about Aarya and saying that she should not be return India, If she is in india then find her.

Next morning when Aarya walks outside the safe house, someone fired a bullet on her. She locked herself in a bathroom and informed Acp-Khan, that she is injured from bullets.

Aarya Season 2 Episode 1 Story Explanation

When Udayveer get aware that Aarya has came India, and someone tried to attacks on her. Then he goes to meet his son Sangram, Beacuse he suspicious on Sangram and threats him, if Anyone try to hurt Aarya, then Sangram will get bad result from him.

Aarya is now well, but she don’t want to stay long in India. Because she got scared, But lawyer Shefali make her understand tomorrow she’ll present in a court as a witness then she can go from India. Till then shefali is shifting Aarya in another place.

Here we see, Aarya’s daughter Aaru is suffering from dipression, and she is not well behaving with her mom. Most of the time Aaru locked herself in bathroom and there she watched her late father videoes. Aarya is trying to make her understand that soon she will do everything normal.

Next morning Aarya get ready for the court hearing.

And The Episode 1 Ends Here.

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