Now You’ll Get Here An Attractive With An Evil Begning Of Breathe:InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 1 Story

 Breathe: InTo The Shadows web series is based on crime, darama, an amazing thriller. Moreover this story revolve around a secret man who kidnapped two girl. So why he kidnapped those two girls? To know all about that read Breathe:InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English. But before go in full series watch Breathe InTo The Shadows Web Series StartCast & Important Role Of Their. Furthermore You Can Check Here Breathe : InTo The Shadows Web Series Review.

“Breathe:InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 1 Story”

“Papa’s Princess”

Here in the first scene of this Episode Gaytri Mishra is with her mom who is doing worship in Devi Maa Temple. Where she request her mom- Mom my exams begin in two days, So if you don’t mind can i go to sleep? Gaytri mom gives her permission. When she is on the way, suddenly someone come there and kidnapped her.

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Here in the next scene we see doctor Avinash is in the court. He is there as a witness, of Chandani case,& she murderd her mother, father,and her uncle , aunty. Dr Avinash is Chandani Psychiatrist doctor, and he proved in a court she is not mentally weak, she is just acting. Because she wanted to marry with her boy friend but family refused. So thats why she murderd her family.

Now in the next scene Dr Avinash returned to home where she met with his wife Abha and their daughter Sia.

  • Abha said to her husband Avinash- I am going to my hotel, so you leave Siya in her friend birthday party.
  • Then Avinash and Siya go to Siya’s friend Sara’s birth day party. Where Sara mom, dad welcome Sia and her father Avinash
  • Then Avinash says to her daughter – You play here. I am just doing my office work.
  • Siya is playing with her friends, & Avinash is busy in his work. But suddenly one man comes there who have covered his face with the mask. He comes in the party and 1st he covered the camera’s with the ballons, and then he kidnapped Siya.

“Avinash & Abha Is Trying TO Search Siya”

After that Avinash comes in a party where he is finding Siya. He is calling her name. But she didn’t come back. Then she inform his wife Abha, they looked everywhere. But they didn’t to able find their daughter Siya.

Abha start to shout on her husband Avinash, because due to his carelessness, Siya is not there.

Then they both take police help, where police want to watch parties camera. But they found the camera is covered by ballons. Now police is trying to find their daughter.

  • Next day Abha call to media and press. Where they come and then she is requesting to that kidnapper with the help of press –
  • “Siya is my daughter, and she is only six year old. This message is for that person, who has kidnapped my daughter. She is juvenile diabetic, she needs insulin injections, four times a day, and everydays. My Siya might be a mode of making money for you. But for us, she is everything. So please bring her back”.

“Abha’s Next Step” Breathe:InTo The Shadows Season 1 Episode 1 Story

Now 48hour has passed but kidnapper didn’t make any call for them. Furthermore police didn’t able to find Siya and her kidnapper.

Now Abha print an article about her child. Moreover she shared many news of her child in social media account. Now she is sharing all posters. But she didn’t get back her child.

Now its have been 3 months. But they didn’t able to find her daughter. Avinash is making her understand but Abha is saying she won’t be move on, I’ll find my child.

“Finally They Get Siya Information”

Now one day next in the morning Abha receive a parcel which has for Avinash. When Avinash open the parcel, they find an I-tab which they are looking Siya’s 3 months video recording. Where Siya is crying for her mom, dad. They found she is not alone there Gaytri is with her [Who kidnapped in 1st scene of this Episode]. Gaytri is take caring of her.

Where kidnapper send a message for Avinash – Sorry doctor, I took very long. It only took three months for Siya to stop crying. So she is fine now. But now, I need your help to keep her fine. If you want to Siya back, Then I won’t ask you for money but for something else. “Pritpal Singh Bharaj”- You will have to kill him. But the reason for Pritpal Singh’s Death should be his anger. You must record his death and send it to same number. I have only 10 to 11 days of Insulin for Siya. So if you want to save your daughter then kill him before 10 to 11 days.

And The Ends Here.

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