Asur Season 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 8) -You’ll Get Here Fascinating Way Of Thrilled

At the end of Asur Season 1 Episode 7 we have seen when killer search the next name in their database he got Dhananjay name, and give the next murder target of Dhananjay to Nikhil. Will Nikhil be ready to kill Dhananjay or not? to know all about that read Asur Season 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 8).

Asur Season 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 8)

“End is the beginning”

The episode start with 10year ago incident where Dhananjay make a fake birth certificate of Shubh .So this is the reason why Nikhil resigned from the CBI.

”In present”

Nusrat told to Dhananjay – Three more people are missing, 1st – writer journalist (Radhika Venkatesh) , 2nd-Umar Sayyad. Umar sayyad is the religious speaker, so he has millions of followers. 3rd- Hindu preacher (Neeraj).

  • After that in the next scene  , a female journalist (Radhika), a Hindu preacher (Neeraj) and an Islamic preacher (Umar) have locked in a chamber. where they have only 12 hours of oxygen supply available.
  • Killer tells them – After 12hours in the room the oxygen will be exhausted. After that you will suffocate. Gradually, you will stop breathing. So the game is easy ”The fewer people there are, the more oxygen you get.”
  • Now the killer started a live telecast on the internet . Where they are seen struggling because of shortage of oxygen.

”Nikhil plan work”

Nikhil finds a way to get out of jail. So Nikhil manages to escape the killer’s custody by mapping his fingerprints on a water tumbler and putting them in the biometric machine. Consequently he run away from there.

”Lolark doubt on Rasul” Asur Season 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 8)

Meanwhile, Lolark spots a deep scar on Rasool’s hand.

  • Lolark –Whats that on your hand?
  • Rasul – I was burnt, as a child.
  • Lolark – We have been working together for two years , I never saw this. You are very full of secrets.
  •  Lolark and Rasool successfully discover the killer’s hideout. They reach there. But suddenly a diary falls from Rasul bag and then Lolark start to read diary. After that Lolark finds out that the drawings in his diary are the same as what Shubh’s grandfather gave him. Meanwhile at the time Rasul kills Lolark .
  • Nikhil called Nusrat – Hello Nusrat.
  • Nusrat – Where are you Nikhil? Are you fine?
  • Nikhil – Yes ! I’m fine. Listen killer has held three people hostages. I’m sure that kidnapper is keeping them in a chemical factory. We have only 45minutes.
  • Nusrat – But which chemical factory is it?
  • Then suddenly Nikhil number goes out of network.

”Keshar being confronted” Asur Season 1 Ending Story Explanation (Episode 8)

It is revealed in a flashback that Keshar is actually Shubh’s first disciple. But the CBI are confusing who is actual Shubh? Is Keshar is Shubh or any other?

Dhananjay start to torture Keshar But he doesn’t speak any single word furthermore he keep the condition in front off Dhananjay after that he may tell truth about hostages.

  • Keshar tells Dhananjay – You need to confess what you did with the . evidence against Shubh and compels him to self-harm.
  • Dhananjay – I dont feel any guilt. 10years ago i had fabricated proof against Keshar or Shubh. Because i was sure that he killed his father in cold blood. I even changed his date of birth because i didn’t want him to go to a juvenile home. I wanted him to go straight to jail, because thats the right place for him.
  • Keshar – Who are you to decide the right and wrong place? whatever has happened so far and what will happen next you will be responsible for that.
  • Keshar tells to Dhananjay now it’s turn to my condition, You have to consumes these three tablets consequently you get your three answer’s from me. Dhananjay collapses after consuming the tablets offered to him by Keshar, which increased his heartbeat and blood pressure significantly, but Nusrat and the officers are able to rescue him. Consequently they got three answer from Keshar.
  • Dhananjay get three answer,s about hostages-
  • 1st they are in – VNS chemical factory
  • 2nd – Place Okhla-Delhi
  • 3rd – In C-wing. chamber 8.

”Nkhil sacrifices”

  • Nusrat call Nikhil and send these three information to Nikhil. Finally Nikhil reach there with Naina . When Naina start to break the chamber password,
  • Shubh or killer offers Nikhil on phone the option of choosing between his child Ria and the hostages, and Nikhil, exasperated, sacrifices Ria. Ria have died through the househelper of Naina’s house & She is also the blind follower of Shubh.

”Last scene of the episode”

Dhananjay revelation spews another rivalry between Nikhil and Dhananjay since it was Dhananjay’s mistake 10 years ago that led to all these killings and thus, Ria’s death, in the form of revenge.

But the suspence will continue about Shubh. Who is shubh? Is rasul is Shubh? We will find in upcoming season.

And the season 01 ends here.

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