Asur Season 01 Episode 07 Story explanation

Asur Season 1 Episode 7 Story explanation-You’ll Get Here Fascinating Way Of Thrilled

ASUR TV Series

At the end of Asur Season 1 Episode 6 we have seen Nikhil plan worked as per their planning. Consequently CBI again failed to save the victim life, what will Dhananjay do ahead? Who is the shubh? To know all about that read Asur Season 1 Episode 7 Story explanation.

Asur Season 1 Episode 7 Story explanation

“Let there be darkness”

Here Dhananjay and Nusrat are doing autopsy of Aditya.

  1. Dhananjay- His lips, nails are blue so it clearly looks like poisoning. But stomach lining shows acidic damage. So tell me which toxin was in the wine glass?
  2. Meanwhile Nusrat reply- Sir we found traces of neurotoxic zootoxins. But neurotoxins are found in three snake varieties in india. The king snake, cobra and krait. But their venom don’t function so soon.
  3. Dhananjay – So snake venom was enough to kill Aditya.
  4. Nusrat – But there are traces of two more elements ion his blood stream. which are non-toxic.
  5. Dhananjay – Those two elements were not for Aditya. It was for us as a message. Consequently Nikhil is sending us a message.

”Nikhil get a gift from killer”

  • Killer – You will get a gift to pass an examination. So Killer give him a packet of cigratte because Nikhil want this.
  • Nikhil – How did you come so soon from Mumbai ?
  • Killer – I am omnipresent. Here, there and everywhere. I will see you soon.
  • Nikhil goes in their flashback and start to remind these word ”I am omnipresent, here, there and everywhere, I will see you soon”. Consequently suddenly he remember Shubh, and their words and these all words has spoken by the Shubh to Nikhil, when Nikhil met Shubh in Banaras.

”Lolark reach Delhi” Asur Season 1 Episode 7 Story explanation

Lolark – Sir,this is Shubh diary which has given by his grandpa. There’s a lot of information in it.

  • Now Dhananjay introduce to Lolark with Keshar.
  • Lolark – Dhananjay sir is a big fan of yours. I think if i listen your podcast i will be your fan too.
  • Dhananjay – This killer isn’t killing people in random, he is killing such people who are good and achievers.

”Nikhil one request from killer”

  • Killer – Shall we start the next plan?
  • Nikhil – Then Nikhil said i have one condition. I want to speak to Naina once. I just want her to know that i’m okay.
  • Killer – Okay. But it just one call.
  • Nikhil call Naina – Hello, Naina!
  • Naina – Nikhil ! Nikhil where are you? are you okay?
  • Nikhil – I’m fine i just wanted to hear your voice.
  • Naina -But where are you Nikhil? Tell me something.
  • Nikhil – I dont know. So what can i do Naina ? It’s in my nature to stay lost.
  • Naina -Nikhil, what are you talking about?
  • Nikhil – Naina remember you and i were once sitting on a pier. You were crying and kept repeating the same thing that my mind is at two places at any given time. A part here and the other there.
  • Naina – Nikhil, i am very scared.
  • Nikhil – Dont be scared, Naina. I am here but my shadow is with you . It’s very close to you.
  • After that Killer disconnect the call .

”Lolark teory about Keshar”

  • Lolark – Sir i have a doubt on Keshar.
  • Dhananjay – But why did you doubt Keshar?
  • Lolark – Because Keshar is lying. The voice is on podcast are different from actual preach of Keshar.
  • After that Naina comes there and told to Dhananjay i received a call from Nikhil. I recorded it. But i have never heard Nikhil before to talk like this. He said ”Naina remember you and i were once sitting on a pier. You were crying and kept repeating the same thing that my mind is at two places at any give time”
  • Dhananjay start to find the mean of Nikhil sentence.
  • “He is divided into two” means- He is at two places that mean the killer is not alone.
  • Pier means he want to told me the River bank at Varanasi the 10 year’s ago incedent. The Shubh joshi case. Shubh killed his father by poisoning him. So i sent him to jail for this crime therefore it could be revenge. After that Dhananjay get the conclusion and say to their team Nikhil is in Delhi So please inform the local police and check all the vacants building, dont leave even one.

”A big step of Dhananjay”Asur Season 1 Episode 7 Story explanation

  • Naina- The killer is looking for his next target.
  • Dhananjay – How do you know that?
  • Naina – I’d added a bot to the system . If anyone searches the database using the same parameters we will get the notifications.
  • Dhananjay – I need your help, but my request might come across as a little strange. please add my name to this database. So the killer next target should be I.
  • Naina – But your murder will be planned by Nikhil. Can you imagine what this will do to him?
  • Dhananjay – But this will be the only way where we can reach the killer.
  • Naina enter Dhananjay name in database.

In the next scene when killer search the next name in their database he got Dhananjay name, and give the next murder target of Dhananjay to Nikhil.

And the episode ends here.

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