Money Heist Season 1 Episode 9 Story Explanation In English & Hindi – You Can Find Here An Ultimate Way Of Revenge Set By Professor.

At the end of Money Heist Season 1 Episode 8 we have seen that Raquel found the new robbers “Berlin”. But when she didn’t find anything about him, then she decide to put fake allegation on him. Moreover Junkyard manager went in camp to sketch and recognise the image of that man from whom he met in junyard (Professor). To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 1 Episode 9 Story Explanation In English & Hindi.  Moreover click here to check Money Heist season 1.

“Money Heist Season 1 Episode 9 Story Explanation In English & Hindi

  • Now Berlin see himself on news channel. Where all reporter is blaming fake allegation on Berlin. After that Nairobi teased Berlin you are a girl seller, you’re a snitch. Berlin get angry then he grabs her and tells her – I would never sell any women, and I am most certainly not a pimp. Now Berlin memorised one day Denver wear his coat for a party and then he slept on this car. So now Berlin suspect on Denver, and goes to find Denver.
  • Nairobi is making him understand – May be Denver, lost your jacket button because he borrowed it. But you can’t change anything now.
  • Then Berlin reply – What about my dignity Nairobi? I have a reputation to maintain, my friends from the french Riviera have seen, my name linked to all those crimes. Denver is only responsible for that. So I can punish him.

How Professor Safe Himself?

  • In the next scene Professor is trying to safe himself because the russian men on the cops camp is almost done the sketch of Professor. Now Professor see the car of police and the police is roaming on the road. Now Professor set some arragement to open the car lock, and he finally break that. Then Professor use the phone inside the car and make a call in camp, where the russian guy. Then he send the recorded message to that guy, in russian language – “I’am at the entrance to your daughter Karina’s school, and my people watching your mother as she leaves the supermarket. If that likeness you’re making, looks anything like me, then you’ll never see either of them again”. After heard this news the russian guy remove his sketch from the computer.
  • The Cops inside the camp didn’t understood the language because Professor use russian language. Now Raquel is asking him what the man said – But the russian guy is saying i didn’t hear anything. Then he left the camp and run away from there.
  • And here how the professor save himself again.

“Berlin Fight With Denver”

  • In the next scene Berlin is calling Denver, “Helsinki and Oslo” is keeping support to Berlin. Now Berlin tells to Denver – My face is now popular in all over the news. Do you know what they are saying? Denver reply – No ! What happened?
  • Berlin – They are saying, I am a thief. That’s fine. But they’re also saying that I am a whoremonger, a pimp who abuses kids, I am a girl seller or etc. It’s happend all because of a button from my jacket. Remember? The one that you wore.
  • Denver appologise his mistake and offer him a fifteen millions of his money. Meanwhile Berlin heard some flush sound in the bathroom. When Berlin open the door of Bathroom he found Monica there. Now Berlin point his gun on Denver furthermore Nairobi point the gun on Berlin. Meanwhile Tokyo comes there and now all robbers know Monica is alive, then Tokyo says to Berlin – Professor is calling you.
  • He receive the call then professor tells him – I am telling you something important you need to know. I left your jacket button inside the car. Because you killed a hostages, so that was your punishment.
  • Berlin reply – I am terrbly hurt to hear this ! Then Berlin speak him Monica is alive. Then professor appologise his mistake. After that Berlin convinced. Professor give them order to activate new plan named “Valencia”.

“Plan Valencia” Money Heist Season 1 Episode 9 Story Explanation In English & Hindi

Where all the robbers is firing inside the Royal Mint and Nairobi is saying to all hostages scream loudly. All hostages is screaming.

  • Now Raquel calls to Professor – She is asking why the people is screaming inside? Why you are firing?
  • Professor reply – We’ve been testing some weapons that we thought were soaked, but they work perfectly.
  • Then Raquel says – I want proof of life for every hostages.

And The Episode Ends Here.

“Money Heist Season 1 Episode 9 Story Explanation In Hindi”