Find Here An Unpexpected Special Reasons Of Turn In – Money Heist Season 1 Episode 10 Story Explanation In English & Hindi

At the end of Money Heist Season 1 Episode 9 we have seen that Berlin was getting angry with Denver. But later Professor tells him, he left his jacket button inside the car . After that Professor applogise his mistake when he knew Monica is alive, and then Professor give order to activate new plan. To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 1 Episode 10 Story Explanation In English & Hindi. Moreover click here to check Money Heist season 1.

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 10 Story Explanation In English & Hindi

In the begening of Episode Raquel calls to Salva (Professor) – She invite professor at 9;00pm o’clock for dinner. And Salva tells her okay.

  • Now Raquel is telling everyone to leave the camp for 5 minutes, and living with Angel inside the camp. Angel inform her – Retroxil is used to treat Parkinson’s, currently,it’s being tested with some muscular dystrophies. Then he saw her mail order, all patients are well located.
  • Then Raquel says – So I am guessing, pharmacies will handle the same orders for the same patients.
  • Angel – Then Angel tell but in last 5months record, there’s an unusual request i have seen. Because the distributer has sent enough medication to treat 40 patients. But according to mail record there aren’t 40 patients in that place where this medication distribute. There’s only three in the whole province.
  • Raquel – where is this Pharmacies?
  • Angel – In lllescas 22miles from here. Then Raquel tells to Angel go to that pharmacies by yourself, and don’t discuss this with another one. It’ll remain in between us. But these all conversation, professor is listening.
  • Now Raqul call to professor where she is Obstinating to go inside the house to check is all hostages is doing good or not? Moreover that was the plan of professor that is why he told his robbers to fire inside the house and scream loudly. Now they won the battle of their plan. Then Professor allow her.

“Raquel Enter InTo The Mint”

  • Now she is going inside the House. Where Tokyo, and rio checked her properly, but Rio find a microphone, when they take microphone from her Rio notice one thing through the microphone Raquel wants to give him some news. So Rio didn’t rid that. Now Raquel is checking one by one hostages , Berlin is sitting with Raquel, and all hostages is coming one by one. Meanwhile Arturo manipulate Alison Parker – Only you can get us out of here, you go somewhere else and hide there and then Alison do same thing.
  • In that silence, Raquel could hear the presses at full speed, printing notes. Then she realized that professor fooled her. That the gunshots were staged, and that her visit to the museum had no other purpose. But to grant us two hours where she was out of the game. Moreover in between this time robbers printed another 16millions euros.
  • Now Raquel speak the secret disease of Berlin with their other robbers friend. Where she tells he have only 14 to 20 months to alive, after that his body can paralice and then death.
  • Now tall robber is finding Alison Parket because she hide somewhere inside the house. Therefore robbers is making Raquel busy in their talk.

Now Angel go in a cofee shop where he find Salva (Professor) there. Angel is asking him – What you do for live? Then Salva reply – Yeah ! I lost my job a few months ago, and now I’m trying to build my own business. “Cider” Business. Then Angel tells him I’ll like to taste your Cider. Professor reply definitely.

“Angel Suspicious On Professor” Money Heist Season 1 Episode 10 Story Explanation In English & Hindi

In the next scene Professor is watching Alison where she hiding. He try to call in Museum. But till then Angel comes in the door of professor. So professor hide his all things and invite him inside the house. “Angel” get little suspect on him so before left the house he take Professor coffee spoon to match the fingerprints, and then he go.

  • After some time Rio and Nairobi finds Alison, and then take her in front of Raquel. Then Raquel’s go from the Mint. Now Rio looked that microphone in which his name has been mention. When he open the chip he saw his parents video – Where they are requesting from Rio to surrender himself and cooperate with the investigation. Then you won’t spend a year in prison.
  • In the next scene Professor now go on that pharmacies, from where Berlin bought the medicine, Professor theft all purchase records, prescriptions, bookkeeping etc. When Angel reached in that same pharmacies till then everything has ruined.

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 10 Story Explanation In Hindi

  • And The Episode Ends Here.