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The Family Man web series story revolving around the Srikant Tiwari, who works on T.A.S.C. Furthermore T.A.S.C comes under the National Investigation Agency. Srikant Tiwari personal life is also connecting with the story. Where his wife Suchitra Iyer is not looking happy with her marriage life, because of Srikant’s job. To know all about the story read The Family Man Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore you can watch all episodes of The Family Man on amazon prime. But before go in page You’ll Get Here An Amazing Official Explanation Of The Family Man Web-Series Starcast & Important Role Of Theirs. Which help to make you more understand.

“The Family Man Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English”

“The Family Man”

So here in the first scene, three person is fighting with each other,1st one is Asif, 2nd – moosa Rehman, and 3rd is -Aboobacker, and they are middle in the sea off the coast of Kochi India, and the coast guard is following them. Finally coast guard arrest those three person.

  • Now in the next scene Srikant wife Suchitra Iyer is telling to him – could you please take the kids to school? I do everything for the kids A to Z everyday. Can’t you help me out for just one day? Then Srikant drop their childern. After that he goes in his office where JK [Srikant colleague] is waiting for him.
  • When they arrived Srikant boss MR.Sharma shout on them, late for the meeting again.
Manoj Is Great, But The Star Of The Family Man Has To Be His Funny AF Son  Atharv

Then Mr. Sharma tells them the story of that three person – The three man who were trying to cross into the sea route, Furthermore they hijacked a fishing boat and killed the captain. Then he caught in indian waters, south kochi, now they are in Coast Guard’s custody.

It is suspected they had gone to Syria and joined ISIS. But there is no criminial record against of them. CIFS team will be handing them over today, You and Srikant go and supervise it. I arrange the force one team, for tractical support.

After that Srikant and JK went from there. Same day Zoya has joined T.A.S.C.

“Moosa Surrendor Himself”

After some time Srikant, JK and Zoya go to take those three guy, which has handovered by the CIFS. They are waiting for their team, but suddenly Srikant received a call from his daughter Dhriti’s school and he goes there. Meanwhile Asif, Moosa, and Aboobacker, get attack on the force, and then they run away from there. Force man Imran Pasha and his team is following them, Then Pasha encountered Aboobacker and Asif. Meanwhile Moosa run away and hide somewhere.

Then Srikant comes there, and he start to handle Moosa , Srikant say loudly – Moosa.. Both your friends have been killed! If you want to stay alive, then put your hands in the air and come out! Now Srikant is conveincing him, Srikant emotionally blackmailed him and after that Moosa surrendor himself.

“Mission Zulfiqar” The Family Man Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English

  • In the next scene in Balochistan Pakistan Major Sameer comes to meet with Faizan. Faizan who is most wanted terrorist and CIA has announced a million-dollar reward to find Faizan. But major Sameer is protecting him.
  • Where Sameer tells to Faizan – The maujahid that you’d sent from Syria has been captured in india. Unfortunately, their boat was spotted by the coast guard.
  • Faizan – Are they martyred?
  • Major Sameer – No ! Thats the probleam. We need one more Mujahid who’s already in india.
  • Faizan – But what is the mission?
  • Major Sameer – This is a very secret mission, Only a few are aware of this. The time has come for Pakistan to show the world its strength, That’s why we have named the mission – Mission Zulfiqar.
  • Faizan – There is a boy, He is destined to carry out such a huge task, But its a bit difficult to rein him in. He’s a horse gone berserk. He does Jihad too, in his own inimitable style. We can make him part of this mission. He won’t refuse me.
  • Sameer – Then its time to send him a message.

“Suchitra’s Anger On Sri”

  • In the next scene when Srikant reached in his home his wife start to shout on him because his daughter Dhriti has been suspended from school. Suchitra is shouting on him where she is saying – I am tired sri, Something important comes up for you every day. You should think about your family once in a while.
  • And then Srikant feel sorry.

And The Episode Ends Here.

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