Grahan Season 1 Episode 2 story Explanation

“Grahan” Season 1 Episode 2 story Explanation – “Tremendous Way Of Thriller”

Grahan TV Series

Grahan Season 1 Episode 1 we have seen many faces, and past & present story. So there is many conclusion we need to get, that who’s Sanjay Singh? What is the flashback story connecton with present timeline? Why those two guys killed reporter Santosh? furthermore why Santosh said to Amrita for save Hindnagar? To check, for open all suspence make your continuity in the show then read Grahan Season 1 Episode 2 story Explanation.  Moreover click here to check Grahan web-series review.

Grahan Season 1 Episode 2 story Explanation

Now we see, Sanjay Singh is Chunu, who was worked on Steel factory in 1984, and he hate Sardar. Sardar is protesting against him, and CM announce for SIT inquiry on Sanjay Singh.

Furthermore CM gives permission to DIG officer, that Amrita will be the lead of SIT inquiry, because she’s Sikkh.

Now we see flashback story –

Rishi who like Manu, he’s talking with Manu’s father. That he want to marry with Manu. But Manu’s father reject him, because Rishi is living on rent at Manu’s father house. And he kicks out Rishi from his house.

Furthermore this is the same time, when Indira Gandhi died. Now we see, Chunu who’s provoking his employee against sardar. Because sardar is one of the reason behind Indira Gandhi death. Chunu is priming, everyone if you see any Sardar is near of you kill them. Chunu handover this lead to Rishi.

Present Timeline –

  • DIG officer is making Amrita the incharge of SIT inquiry, and in this case, DSP Vikas Mandal will help her.
  • Vikas Mandal, and their team is thinking that Sanjay Singh was behind all riots in Bokaro. Furthermore last time the two man were caught, but police don’t have any proof against them, so they leave them.
  • After that Vikas send a picture of, the man who’s behind the riot, on Amrita’s phone. When Amrita download the picture, she saw, her dad picture, when he was young. This is Rishi’s image, and he’s Amrita’s father.
  • Amrita is now scaring from his dad. One day she started to investigate his father room, meanwhile Rishi comes there. Then Amrita show him, his image & what you were doing in Bokaro? Furthermore you’re sardar but you’re looking without shave.
  • But Amrita’s father didn’t reply her anything and said, don’t ask this question next time.

Story Turns in Past –

How Rishi met to Manu?

  • When Rishi’s father died, he was homeless, and jobless. One day he met to Sardar Chapra, his car was stucking and Rishi help him. After that Chapra make him, his driver, and then they go to Bokaro station. Where Chapra’s wife and his daughter Manu is waiting for him.
  • Here first time Rishi saw Manu, and he’s falling love with her. Then Chapra gave Rishi, his room for rent. So here Manu and Rishi started to love each other.

Present Timeline –

Santosh brother, is calling to Amrita – where he’s saying to her, someone comes in his house, and started to find some documents here. When Amrita reach there, she find one more lady there, and she’s Pushpa, wife of Sunjay Singh. When Amrita ask question from Bani(Santosh wife)- do you know Santosh was working in which story? Meanwhile Pushpa showing her eyes to Bani and then she didn’t tells anything.

And The Episode 2 Ends here.

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