“Grahan” Season 1 Episode 1 story Explanation – “Tremendous Way Of Thriller”

Grahan is streaming on Disney plus hotstar web series. Directed by Ranjan Chandel. So this Web-Series has inspired by Satya Vyas’ popular novel Chaurasi. Altogether the main starcast of this web series is -Pavan Malhotra, Zoya Hussain, Anshuman Pushkar, Wamiqa Gabbi, Teekam Joshi and Sahidur Rahman. There is Eight episode in Grahan season 1 which make you emotions and may overwhelm you at times. Moreover click here to check Grahan web-series review. Make your continity in the show read Grahan Season 1 Episode 1 story Explanation.

Grahan Season 1 Episode 1 story Explanation

In the starting of story we see a reporter Santosh, who’s waiting for Usman’s Man. Because he want to give some important document. Meanwhile some other guys came there, but they’re not Usman’s man. After that Santosh run away from there, and he burn all the document. Then the guys, who’s running behind of Santosh, caught him.

Now we see flashback story –

  • Bokaro 7th June 1984, Rishi & Jhandu Where they both’re going to meet “Chunu”(leader of the steel factory). Chunu is serving sweets for everyone because he heard a news that Indira Gandhi, deploy troops in Punjab. Here we know, that Chunu doesn’t like Sardar. Furthermore Rishi’s father died in same factory, So he wants to wok there in place of his father. After that Chunu get ready to help him. But the management, is denying to provide him same job.
  • Rishi loves a girl, and her name is Manu.

Present Timeline – 2016 –

  • Now we see Amrita, and her fiance Kartik. Kartik lives in Canada. Amrita’s father want that they should have to marriage soon, but Amrita always ignored. Amrita is an IPS officer, now she got a call from unknown number, where she heard someone is saying – Someone is getting beaten up in between Dhurva, now Amrita traced the same number and reached in location, and she find two man is burning reporter Santosh in a bridge. When she go there, Santosh jump in a river, and he’s saying to Amrita please save Hindnagar.

Now Amrita reached in Police station, she saw mud in her shoes, and the same mud sign she saw in police station, where two man is coming for complaint of their car stolen. But Amrita understood these two guys will be same, who burnt Santosh, and now they’re here for fake complaint. Then she arrest them.

Amrita is torturing them, meanwhile DIG officer comes there, and he start to shout on Amrita, because she don’t have any proof, then how can she arrest anyone, without warrent. Now DIG give her a leave and said to renounce those boys.

Amrita is watching a news on Tv – After death of Indira-Gandhi, Bokaro’s riots, will be investigae again, and in this investigation, Leader Sunjay Singh will be interrogate again.

Now we see, out of Sanjay Singh house – adversary is protesting. Sardar is protesting against, Sanjay singh. But other side we see, Sunjay Singh supporter there.

Election is near, so that is why CM-Kedar Singh annouce SIT inquiry on Sunjay Singh. After that they can get some proof against of Sunjay Singh. So it’ll help CM, in election.

And The Episode 1 Ends Here.