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Patal Lok Hindi Indian web series is based on special operation of the Delhi Police. Subsequently They arrested four criminal, and it reveal all the suspence about these criminals. To know all about the full series read Patal Lok Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English. But before that read Patal Lok Web Series Starcast, Character, & Important Role. Furthermore watch Patal Lok web series in Amazon Prime.

“Patal Lok Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English”


Here in the First episode of this web series Hathiram Choudhary is explaning his junior Imran Ansari – Why this place is Patal Lok?. Moreover Imran Ansari have newly posted here.

He explain him The universe is segregated in to three universe 1st one is Heaven, second one is Earth, and third one is Patal Lok ( which belongs to the insects the creepy crawlies) Same as the three universe is – Our station outer Jamuna Paar which is earth Patal Lok ( Here is No matter how good is your investigation and no promotion solving a dfficult murder case, aur rascals case).

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Now Vishal Tyagi, Topp Singh, Kabir M , and Mary Lyngdoh these four people are staying in a hotel. Furthermore same morning they four go from hotel,& sit in a car, Where Kabir M is driving. After that they find someone is following them, who is DCP Bhagat and his team. Finally they got arrested. Meanwhile Topp Singh through his fon in the river. Mr Hathiram Choudhary come there and Dcp Bhagat give order to Hathiram – book these four under your police station outer Jamuna Par Thana. When Hathi Ram asked Dcp Bhagat – what will be the charge on them? Then DCP Bhagat told him – Conspiracy to murder.

Then Hathi Ram took them in a Outer Jamuna Par Thana. Now Police and their team is searching their identity, They are asking their name but they four are standing silently.

“Dcp Bhagat Handover The Case” Patal Lok Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English

Now Dcp Bhagat handover this case to Hathi Ram Choudhary. Hathi Ram asked some question for Dcp Bhagat regarging the case –

  • Hathi Ram – Sir how do you know they are going to kill some one?
  • DCP Bhagat – I have received An anonymous call from a public phone in Munirka.
  • Hathi Ram – What they said you sir?
  • DCP Bhagat – Four person is staying in a uptown hotel where they are planning for murder.
  • Hathi Ram – But who will be their target of murder sir?
  • Dcp Bhagat didn’t give him any news about that.

After that in the next scene Journalist Sanjeev Mehra is watching a news where media is saying – “Our sources in the police department have revealed that the target of this failed assassination attempt could have been journalist Sanjeev Mehra”.

When Sanjeev Mehra goes to home from their office. He find the all media and reporter is following him and asking him a question. But he ran away from there. and then staying at hotel in a night.

Next morning when he reached his home he find Hathi Ram is there for some personal inquiry. He asked some question to Sanjeev furthermore he provide two police officer for his safety.

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Now Hathi Ram and his team member Imran Ansari is searching the criminal record of four of them. Where he find Vishal Tyagi criminal record is – Kidnapping, ransom, extortion, and 45 murders.

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And The Episode Ends Here.

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