Aarya Season 01 Episode 07 Story Explanation In English

Aarya Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English –

AArya TV Series

At the end of Episode 06 we have seen that Aarya’s daughter Aaru kidnapped. Moreover kidnapper didn’t show his face. So how will Aarya find her daughter? Who will be the kidnapper of Aaru and why will he kidnapped Aaru? So to know all about that read Aarya Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English. Furthermore Watch Aarya All Video Episodes On Hotstar.

“Aarya Season 01 Episode 07 Story Explanation In English”

“Apki Mummy Don Hai”

Next morning when Aarya awake she find her daughter is missing from her room. Aarya ask to Aaru’s friends is she there? But her friend deny. After that Aarya’s elder son Veer asked about Aaru – But Aarya reply him she is at her friend house for combined studies.

Now Daulat comes there who have injured when Aarya ask him what happened to you? Then he reply Jawahar and he was made a fight last night. Then Aarya shout on him – I said you to keep eyes on him not about fight.

Aarya Season 01 Episode 07 Story Explanation In English
  • In the next scene Aarya meets to Jawahar wife Maya, and then she says to her- Where is your husband Jawahar? He kidnaaped my daughter.
  • Maya shout on Aarya and says to her he has not been home since two days. What u all are hiding from me? Why will he kidnap your daughter?
  • Aarya – Whenever he will come there call him, don’t touch my daughter.

Here in the next scene Jawahar seen in the jail with ACP Khan. ACP Khan want’s to know about Tej, Sangram, and his business. Khan brutally hitting him but he didn’t speak any single words about their business. Finally Khan show him some image of Aarya with Shekhawat and provoking him – see how your business partner is meeting with your enemy. He get angry and he decide to tells all truth to Khan. He said now Aarya is transporting a container of illegal drugs, But i don’t know the truck number. When I’ll know then I’ll inform you.

“Shekhawat kidnapped Aaru” Aarya Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English

  • Now Aarya goes to Shekhawat home and telling him- I’am stopping the transport. Jawahar is missing he thinks I am trying to take revenge on him. he is my partner he know how to get the truck across the border.
  • Shekhawat – He doesn’t know that is my transport?
  • Aarya – No I didn’t tell him anything, So i decided I am not transporting.
  • Shekhawat tell her you don’t want to meet your daughter Aaru? When Aarya heard this she start to hit him. Shekhawat threat her – do your business and take your daughter.

Here in the next scene now Aarya talking to Inder for truck in which she transport their goods. Meanwhile Jawahar comes there, Aarya ask him- where was you since for two days? Jawahar tells her – he want to leave this country. After that he is saying to her I’ll help you to transport your truck across the border, and without me you can’t deliver it across the border. Now Aarya tells her the truck number -883. But she didn’t tell him this is Shekhawat container.

Now Jawahar inform the police and tells him the truck number.

  • Now police goes to raid in Inder truck garage, where he is loading the truck of Aarya. Meanwhile Shekhawat make a phone call for Jawahar and tells him, Aarya is transporting our goods, so this time dont mess with me again. When Jawahar heard, this is Shekhawat consigments again, he make a phone call for Aarya and tells him please stop the transport, police is coming to raid in truck yard.

“Finally Truck Transported”

  • Now Aarya call to Inder for stop loading the truck number 883 because police is coming to raid there, Then she suggest him load this stuff in another truck very fast. Inder start to load their consigments in another truck. When police comes there he finds the truck empty.

And finally they transport the truck across the border.

  • Now Police call Jawahar and tells him you and Aarya made my fool. I’ll pay back you both. Furthermore Khan reject Jawahar visa of out of country.
  • Now Aarya goes to Shekhawat home and tells him she have transported. So now she want to meet with her daughter. Finally Aarya meet to Aaru and took her.

In the next scene Russians is threatning Shekhawat because they want their 300crore from Shekhawat. So russians cut his little finger.

And The Episode End’s Here.

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