Samantar Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation in english –

At the end of Samantar Season 1 Episode 1 we’ve seen that, Kumar is facing many probleam in his life. When he meet a Baba to ask about his future, Baba said him – He have seen the same palm line 33years ago of Chakrapani. Therefore Chakrapani past will be the future of Kumar. You may check here Samantar Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation In English. Moreover you can find here another movies review.

Sharad is now telling to Kumar, he insult that Baba, that is why he got fired from his job. Next day they again go to meet Baba, but they didn’t find Baba there. Moreover Baba knew this, they will come again to meet him, So Baba left a message for Kumar there. – That Baba will never speak his future, for that he’ll need to find Chakrapani.

Now Kumar is going to meet in Chakrapani’s residential place. When he asked apartment guard about Chakrapani, guard told him – he don’t know who is Sudarshan Chakrapani. Altogether no one knows there who is Chakrapani?

When Kumar get ready to return from there, One old man meet him and said he know Chakrapani – he lived here in same society, But many years ago, he did a big fraud in his company. After that Chakrapani was expelled from our society. Then Chakrapani shifted in “BANALA- KOLHAPUR”.

Meanwhile Kumar received a call from Sharad where he’s saying – Boss didn’t fired you from your job, because I requested him. But he transfered your posting in “BANALA- KOLHAPUR”. After got his call Kumar get socked, Because now Kumar life incident is matching with Chakrapani’s past.

Samantar Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation in english

Next day Kumar is going in Banala, where company gave him an apartment, and a servent. His servent name is “Hanmiya”. Here Kumar is feeling some super-natural powers, and he’s seeing a bunglow in a forest. When he asked about that bunglow Hanmiya tells him – That bunglow name is “Blumen cottage”, and its close from many years.

Next day Kumar and Hanmiya is going to meet his boss. Where Kumar is requesting his boss, that he want to lived in Blumen Cottage, and his boss get agree. At the same night Kumar is feeling that someone is calling him, meanwhile Hanmiya comes there. And Kumar find himself in near the valley. Hanmiya is asking him how he came here, But Kumar is unaware how he reached here.

And The Episode 2 Ends Here.