“Hostel Daze” Season 2 Ending Story Explanation –

Hostel Daze The series contains two seasons, with a total of 9 episodes. Moreover It is Depicting the story of four friends staying hostel.  Shubham Gaur, Adarsh Gourav, Luv Vispute, Nikhil Vijay, Ahsaas Channa, Harsha Chemudu, Ayushi Gupta is main cast of the series. Moreover you can find here another movies review. To know full story further read Hostel Daze Season 2 Ending Story Explanation.

  1. D.I.S.C.O –
  2. Love -Sqare –
  3. Gandagi-
  4. Ghar-Wapsi-

Episode 1 start from the college gang is a year older, where they’re realising their authoritative role as seniors. Therefore second year students are ragging their freshers. “Teja”(second year student) is ragging hard a fresher meanwhile “Chirag” comes there to stop him.

Now senior’re providing an alternative with ragging, – Freshers who want to relief from senior’s ragging, will go in girls hostel, and steal the inner-wears of girls. Meanwhile all junior who involved in this task, caught by senior girls. Where all girls started to ragging them again.

Next day in college, now senior and junior are introducing each other.

In college “jaat” likes a girl, and her name is “Unnati Sharma”. When Jaat goes to try to prpose her, his one friend “Jhaatu” stop him and said that he have to give some time to making understanding between them. After that Jhattu betrayed his friend Jaat and he goes to meet Unnati.

When Jaat get aware, he start to fight with Jhaatu. Here “Chirag” is supporting ‘Jhaatu’ and “Ankit” is supporting “Jaat”. Therefore Ankit is helping Jaat, that he have to make his friendship strong with Unnati’s friend Charu. When Unnati get jealous then jaat should have to confess his feeling for Unnati.

  • Now Jhaatu is dating Unnati, and Jaat is meeting to Charu. But here Jaat screwed the situation, and Charu get angry. Moreover when next day Jaat goes to handle screwed situation with Charu, here she got impress from Jaat.
  • When Charu tells to Unnati – that Jaat likes Unnati, but Charu shared her feeling she have too crush on him. Hence they decided no one will come between their friendship. Then the result Jaat get nothing.
  • in the next episode we see a boy story, his girlfriend broke-up with him, because he’s very messy. Ankit is now scaring, because he’s too lived in messy, So he have a fear that Akansha can break-up. After that Ankit clean his room, and wash his clothes, then he invite Akansha at his room. But Akansha when entered in his room, she decide to break up, without any reason.
  • Ankit is going in girls hostel for asking reason of break-up from Akansha? Then he saw, Akansha room full messed up, and he understood, why she broke up. So Ankit shared his story why he cleaned his room because the fear of breakup. Then they kissed each other and now everything is fine.

At the last episode everyone is going at their home, but due to some cause Jhaatu is not going his home. And he’s living alone at hostel. Jaat, Chirag, Ankit, all reached at their home. But they’re not looking happy, because they’re missing their hostel daze. All friend’s are crying and missing their hostel daze in confrence call.

Moreover Jhaatu make his mind and decide to go home. Meanwhile Jaat, Ankit, and Chirag reached their hostel, and hugged to each other, and decide to spent their holidays in hostel.

And The Season 2 Ends Here.