Maharani Season 1 Ending Story Explanation

“Maharani” Season 1 Ending Story Explanation – “Wicked Spotlight”

Maharani TV Series

Maharani Season 1 Episode 8 we have seen that “Sage Baba” is involving in all scam, and scandal in Bihar. So will Rani able to take him behind the bar? Moreover you can find here another movies review. Read here Maharani Season 1 Ending Story Explanation.

Bheema is now full recovered, so he takeover his position again. But he didn’t inform Rani, and she felt very bad.

Naveen Kumar is now sure that he’ll be the next CM soon. So he’s distributing all ministery post to their MLA. He offer industrial ministery to “Khyaati” But she want Cabinet ministery. That is why she decide to leave his party, and join Bheema’s party where he gave her Animal Husbandry ministery.

Parvesh is now informing all scam story to Rani, that “Sage Baba” and “Mahamahim” is behind this scam. After that Rani at the night, ask to meet “Mahamahim” and she want to know full story from the starting –

  • Mahamahim is saying year 1995, large number of state villages had affected from the flood disaster. At that time, Mahamahim party supported the affected people. Bheema and Naveen party were fighting for CM. Birendar Thakur helped and rescue the affected people, that was why he got more faith from the people. He have animal husbandry ministery.
  • Due to majority support for Bheema, he become the CM. After that governer(Mahamahim) forced, Bheema to provide Birendar Singh Animal Husbandry Department. Consequently Bheema got ready, and he promised Mahamahim, that he’ll never interfere in Birendar works.

After some time Bheema, started to showing his power, he was demanding for 60% commision from animal husbandry department. When Birendar Thakur deny to give him any thing, Bheema killed him. Therefore after that Bheema provided Animal Husbandry Department to Prem Kumar.

Maharani Season 1 Ending Story Explanation

Rani is looking sad after heard the truth of Bheema.

Bheema’s PA- Mishra is handling the warehouse process, where they hide their illegal money. One day joint director arrested Mishra for having more money than he earn. Due to this CM reputation was affecting, so Bheema decide that he’ll work under the Rani, until the matter settled.

  • In the next scene when next day all party member conjugate in parliament. Naveen started to blame Rani’s goverment, all opposition party is asking for resignation, of Rani and Bheema’s goverment. But when speaker ask Rani to show her vote of confidence then Rani reply –
  • From Last five months she was handling the CM post, but she didn’t do anything till now. Because she don’t have any fund to work on the scheme. Because goverment funds has already deducted by the big departments. When she started to investigate the scam, she find the major department was involved in this scam and 958crore of total scandal she found. She suspended all officer, who involved in mess.
  • After that Rani gives an order to arrest her husband Bheema and Mishra because they were involved in scandal.

Moreover she get vote of confidence in Parliament, and she become the next CM. After that “Mathan Baba” arrested by Police in Rani’s goverment. By the help of Kuwar Singh police arrested Mukhya. Furthermore Rani get faith from Bihar people.

And The Season 1 Ends Here.

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