The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 7 Explanation In English – You’ll Get Here An Amazing Kind Of Crammed & Thriller Murder Mystrey & Suspence.

At the end of The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 6 we have seen that Arup is suspecting on Dev. Because last time Pari called Dev, but Dev didn’t inform Arup about that. When he goes to find Dev, he escaped. Beacuse Dev doesn’t want to tell Arup, about Pari and his relation. Will they able to find third person who raped pari? To know more about the show read The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 7 Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check the review of “The Last Hour”.

The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 7 Explanation In English

  • Now Arup is thinking that Dev is the third person who raped Pari. He got forensic report, and the blood on Pari’s mobile is matching with Dev D.N.A. So know Arup is sure he raped Pari. But this phone has thrown by Pari on Dev head, when she was angry on him.
  • In the next scene Dev is meditating and reminding the rape scene of Pari.
  • Meanwhile he remind, the third person, have a tatto on his foot. Then he sketched that tatto, It’s a wolf tatto.
  • Now Arup goes to meet Doma. Where he’s asking to her “have you seen Dev?” He’s suspecting on Pari’s rape case. But Doma deny, and convince the police Dev can’t do anything like this.
  • In the next scene Doma goes to meet Dev, where she told him – Arup is suspecting on you. Then Dev replied Pari loves me & too her. When Pari confessed her love, I deny to lived with her, So she throw her fon on my head. That’s why my forensic report comes positive.
  • If I told all these to Arup he can’t believe.
  • Then Dev shared, I saw a wolf tatto on his leg, who was third person in the car. Then Doma said to Dev footballer boys make this kind of tatto, and every day they all comes to play on ground.
  • When Doma & Dev goes to find that guy, meanwhile Arup caught him. Where he’s asking I trusted on you. Why you did this with me & Pari. Then Dev told to Arup I love Pari, and I didn’t do anything. Even I am too searching that guy who is involved in her rape case. When Arup point a gun on Dev, then he again run away.

Dev Found That Guy

  • Now police get a lead that Thapa will come out today to buy drugs. So after some time Lipika see Thapa in car, she inform Arup, & then she followed him. But Thapa bumped Lipika’s car and her car overturned.
  • In the next scene Dev found that guy who have a same wolf tatto in his leg. He’s Pintu Pari’s college friend.

And The Episode Ends Here.