The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 6 Explanation In English – You’ll Get Here An Amazing Kind Of Crammed & Thriller Murder Mystrey & Suspence.

At the end of The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 5 we have seen that Dev decide to leave the city. But Pari wants to go with him, then Dev said, he’s waiting for her in bus stand. After that Pari’s driver took Dev with him, where they found Pari’s dead body. Who kill Pari? and what is her death cause? To know more about the show read The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 6 Explanation In English. Moreover click here to check the review of “The Last Hour”.

The Last Hour Season 1 Episode 6 Explanation In English

  • Arup, and Dev shocked to see Pari’s dead body.
  • Now Dev perform his ritual to meet Pari’s spirit. Where he saw – Pari is taking lift, to go Bus stand. Three guys in a car are giving her lift, and they are Yama-Nadu, Thapa, but third person covered his face with the mask. So Dev is unable to recognise him. They raped Pari and then throw her in roadside.
  • Now Dev met to her spirit, but the boatman who take all souls in another world, not reach there to take Pari’s soul. So Dev get understood Pari is alive.

When Dev open his eyes, they admit Pari in hospital. He said to Arup, three guy was in the car, Yama-Nadu, Thapa, but third has covered his face.

  • To recognise third person Arup is asking Dev full details from starting , what he saw in Past – Dev is saying he saw, when Pari was in her college, Pintu send Pari in college library. Where Loki was trying to kiss her. Then Police ask Pintu, why you send Pari there? Then he reply he just want to give her a surprise gift, then he show that gift pack to police.
  • Moreover Police is searching Loki in college.

Now Police check CCTV photages, in which car Pari set, but number-plate is not visible. Moreover back seat of this car, has modified in large seat. So now police is searching that garrage who modified this kind of car.

Who’s The Third Rapist?

  • In the next scene Arup goes in Pari’s college, where he requesting to everyone, that Pari is in comma, if you get any lead about this case, then please share with police. Moreover Police arrest Loki, and asking him- Where was you yesterday night, then Loki said – he was in his friend house. When Police ask friend name he didn’t say anything.
  • After some time college principal daughter Simmi comes there. Where she’s saying, last night Loki was with me, in full night. He didn’t saying anything because he’s protecting me, my father doesn’t like Loki.
  • Now Pari’s one more friend Beena comes there, where she inform last night Pari called someone from my phone. But after that she deleted that number. Police is searching Pari’s mobile phone, where they find some blood droplets in her phone.
  • Now Arup is asking to Dev why you didn’t inform me, that Pari called last night someone. Then Dev replied – May be I forgetten to see that scene.
  • Arup is suspicious on Dev, so he give that phone to forensic team. Furthermore when they checked Beena’s phone record details, they find Pari did last call to Dev.

But when Police go to ask Dev about this he run away from there. Arup searched Dev room where he find Pari’s sketch.

And The Episode 6 ends here.