The Married Woman Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation -“Wondrous Way Of Love Beyond Gender”

“The Married Woman” streaming on ALT-BALAJI & ZEE5. Furthermore “The Married Woman” is an Indian hindi language romantic, darama, web series. Moreover main star-cast of the web series is Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra, Suhaas Ahuja, & etc. So This web series story is based on Manju Kapur novel, which has published in 2002, and the novel name is “The Married Woman”. Altogether the story is revolve around the premise of exploring individuality, sexuality, free will and love beyond the borders of religion, social conventions, gender and ends by reinforcing the very stereotypes it promised to challenge. Moreover you’ll get here IMDB review of The Married Woman. To make your continuity in show, read The Married Woman Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation.

The Married Woman Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation

We see Ashtha in the starting of Episode, where she’s saying, starting some year of marriage is amazing. After five year, we get busy to upbringing our child, and then next 50 year, you’ll play a role of husband, wife, mother, father, grandmom, grandpa, and that is the life.

Ashtha is a married women, and she’s living in joint family, where she have two kid, her husband, and her mother & father in law. Altogether, she’s happy in her little world, but sometime she felt something is missing, and she always ingnored that point. Ashtha is a proffesor in a college, and she’s wife, daughter in-law, and mom, she’s an indepandent woman. But still no one see her from the respectful eyes, and as a sacrifice woman. That mean she don’t have her own indivisual identity.

Moreover story turn ahead, where we meet, Piplika & Ejaj Khan, they’re couple. Piplika recently came from America, and she’s very open minded girl. Furthermore Ejaj is a Play director, and we can say, he’s the charm character of this web-series.

Romeo-Juilliet Play

  • One day Ashtha arrived her college, and she go, her college theatre. Where she meet Ejaj first time, because Ejaj was the director of play, which has oragnised by college. When Ejaj, read the script of play, he didn’t like the script, and it has written by Ashtha. Play is based on Romeo-Juilliet story, and Ejaj notice, there is many boundation she added in script.
  • After heard this Ashtha get angry to Ejaj, but Ejaj give her an attractive smile and said -you have to get out from all these boundation. Then Ashtha reply, who could be happy to leave their boundary, just like Seeta maa she crossed her boundary and then what happened, all world knew it.
  • After some normal talk, Ejaj take help of Ashtha, to direct the play, because Ashtha wrote “play script”. Then Ashtha get ready to work with him.

“Aashtha & Ejaj Bond”

Now we see Ashtha life, in story, where she’s playing a good house wife role, good mother role, and also a good daughter in-law role. But somehow she’s loosing something, and that is her own indivisual identity.

  • Slowly-slowly her meeting with Ejaj, get strong day by day, and Ashtha start to like Ejaj, she started to think about Ejaj everytime. One day when Ejaj reached in his house, he notice that his wife Piplika is somewhere feeling jealousy because of Ashtha.
  • Where Piplika advice Ejaj, to keep stay away from Ashtha. Because Ashtha is a normal house wife, and she’s happy in her little world with mom, dad, husband and her kids. According to Piplika, after heard Ejaj’s freely freedom talk, Ashtha can deviate, from her way.

At that time, in Delhi, Hindu-Muslim riots was going. So one day Ashtha and Ejaj was preparing for their play in theatre, meanwhile some muslim comes there, and they start to threat Ejaj that they want to kill him. But Ejaj and Ashtha is hiding somewhere in theatre. After this incidence, Ashtha scared, and she come to close of Ejaj, for some relief.

And The Episode 1 Ends Here.