The Married Woman Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation

The Married Woman Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation -“Wondrous Way Of Love Beyond Gender”

The Married Woman TV Series

The Married Woman Season 1 Episode 1 we saw that, Ashtha is a very responsible woman. Furthermore she’s good wife, good daughter-in-law, and good mother, but still she’s missing something in her life. So one day she met to Ejaj khan, and her bond angle towards Ejaj is increasing day by day. To make your continuity in show, read The Married Woman Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation. Moreover you’ll get here IMDB review of The Married Woman.

The Married Woman Season 1 Episode 2 Story Explanation

  • One day Ejaj gift Ahemad Fairaj’s book of sayari to Ashtha. Hence Ashtha likes his book, when one night she dedicate a sayar from this book, to her huband, she notice her husband Hemant is not showing much intrest. That mean Ashtha and Hemant’s both intrest is different. Moreover she’s living in her relationship, because of her family.
  • Ashtha is now sure, that she is in love with Ejaj.
  • In the next scene, Piplika is getting angry to Ejaj, and she’s thinking somewhere, that Ashtha, normal life can get rid, because of Ejaj. She’s scaring about Ashtha, if she start to fall in love with Ejaj, her personal life can affect. Beacause she know Ejaj character,how he make people friendly with him. After that Ejaj promise Piplika, after the play, he’ll break all contact from, Ashtha.
  • Finally the day come, when Play will perform in college. Piplika is denying Ejaj, that he don’t have to go there, because people are rioting & fighting in road. But Ejaj an obstinate that he have to go there, his student, and their parents, and college is waiting for him.
  • In the next side Ashtha’s husband and family is too denying her for attend the play. But still she go.
  • Now Ashtha is watching the play, when Play over, Ashtha go in dressing room, there is Ejaj. Ashtha confess her love, that she loves him. But Ejaj respect her feeling and said that he loves Piplika, and he cant left his wife.
  • After that we see tear in Ashtha’s eyes. But she realised her fault, & felt sorry.

Ejaj Died

Now she get out from the Dressing room, and then she find Piplika and her husband Hemant there. Then Ashtha go, from there with her husband. Meanwhile Piplika and Ejaj, start to fight, beacuse Piplika is sacring about all these, and this has happened tonight. Now she’s too go from there.

When Ejaj left the place he notice there is secluded, because of curfew. So he sit in his car, meanwhile we see, Ejaj died on the spot because someone has set a bomb in his car, and it blow.

And The Episode 2 Ends Here.

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