Money Heist Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English & Hindi

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English & Hindi – You Can Find Here How Amazingly The Cop’s Set New Plan To Find The Robbers.

Money Heist money heist season 1 TV Series

At the end of Money Heist Season 1 Episode 6 we have seen that how Tokyo forced the Berlin to talk with Professor. When Berlin tells to Professor about the death of hostages. Then Professor decide to punish Berlin. Because now only three robbers knew, Monica is alive. How will be the story turn ahead? To know more about the show read Money Heist Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English & Hindi.  Moreover click here to check Money Heist season 1 review.

“Money Heist Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English & Hindi”

Now ‘Suarez’ calls to ‘Raquel’ and tells her he got something from the photages of Museum. Now Raquel reach in the camp where ‘Suarez’ is showing her the recorded tape – Its a tape of the day that Anibal Cortez (Rio) and Silene Oliveira (Tokyo) were at the Museum. The key of car they noticed in the hand of Tokyo. After that Suarez tells – the car model could be from the years 1989 to 1996, now we have time and date of their entrance and their car’s brand. Raquel ordered – Inspect the area, security camera and all. Then they find the car – It’s a ’92 Ibiza. Now all these activities is listening by the Professor, Because of the microphone.

Now Professor calls to Helsinki and ask him – The picture you brought me of that crushed car was the Ibiza right? Helsinki reply- I left the car at the junkyard, the picture on your hand is not Ibiza, its another car. Helsinki show Professor another crushed car images and sell the Ibiza to junkyard in 1000 euros. Because he needed to send money to his family. Professor asked Helsinki – You got rid all the fingerprints from the car? Helsinki reply – No I didn’t do that. Then Professor left the call. Now Raquel calls to Salva (Professor) – Where she invite him for a dinner.

Now Professor go to Junkyard, and trying to find that car but meanwhile the junkyard manager catch the professor there and then he start to torture the professor. Moreover Professor ran away from there.

“Professor Trapped In Trouble”

  • Now Raquel is asking to their team – What would you do if you had to get rid of a car and leave nothing behind?
  • Angel reply – Burn it most probability, and sink it.
  • Raquel – Okay! look for cars that have been burned , check the National Guard too. Look for news of any car that may have shown up in Marshes, rivers, lake etc. Another option may be to crush it up in a junkyard. So search all the junkyard.
  • Angel – But it’s sunday it’ll closed today.
  • Raquel – I don’t care! tells him its necessary.
  • These all conversation is now listening by the professor. Then he go to that junkyard where Helsinki droped that.

Now Professor enter in Junkyard again with full prepration he use the back way of Junkyard. Then he cut all the net to enter inside. When he reach into the car he get rid all the fingerprints from the car, he cleaned everything. But he intentionally left the Berlin coat button inside the car seat. Meanwhile Raquel and Angel reached in that Junkyard. Now Professor coloured his face with black mud, and dressed like a beggar. Raquel and cops think that he’s a beggar. So professor run away from there. Moreover Raquel found a coat button in the car .

Now professor viral his conversation all over the news in which Raquel is saying discharge the Alison parker instead of eight other spanish teenager. It go viral and has been a very controversial decision of Spanish goverment. Now robbers is getting sympathy from the public.

And The Episode Ends Here.

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 7 Story Explanation In English & Hindi

Raquel अपने staff के साथ म्यूज़ियम की tape recording देखती है जहां Rio and Tokyo को साथ देखा जाता है Tokyo के हाथ मे एक कार की key रहती है पुलिस zoom करके कार का model पहचान लेते है और यह सारी बात प्रोफेसर अपने कंट्रोल रूम मे सुन रहा होता है वह अब Helsinki की कॉल लगाता है क्यूंकी उसने कार हेलसिंकी को distroy करने के लिए दी थी । जब हेलसिंकी से पूछा जाता है तो वह बताता है की उसने car को एक junkyard मे छोड़ दिया था जिसके बदले उसे 1000 euro मिले जो की उसे अपनी family के लिए भिजवाने थे प्रोफेसर फोन काट देता है और आगे की प्लानिंग बनाता है

Raquel अपने स्टाफ को पूछती है कि आप सब अपना opinion दो अगर किसी car को distroy करना हो तो क्या क्या कर सकते है तो सभी अपना opinion बताते है कि car को जला सकते है , कार को किसी river , lake मे sink कर सकते है , या फिर किसी junkyard मे । अब Raquel ऑर्डर देती है कि पिछली अब तक कि सारी न्यूज़ निकालो जिस मे कोई car , river या lake मे sinked हुई हो । और आस पास के सभी junkyard को check करो । यह सब प्रोफेसर सुन रहा होता है तो वह junkyard मे जाने कि planning बनाता है वह junkyard कि पूरी जाली अपने हथियार से तोड़ कर अंदर घुसता है और कार कि तरफ पहुँच कर उससे सारे fingerprints साफ कर देता है इसके बावजूद वह कार मे Berlin के कोट का button रख देता है

“Professor Trapped In Trouble”

Meanwhile वहाँ Raquel और उसकी टीम आ जाती है जो कि Junkyard मे काम कर रहे employee से कार के लिए पूछते है इतने मे प्रोफेसर अपने चेहरे पर black mud लगा देते है अपने कपड़े फाड़कर एक भिखारी का रूप बना देता है जब वह वहाँ से जाने वाला होता है तो एक cops भिखारी समझ कर प्रोफेसर को जाने देते है और इस तरह प्रोफेसर वहाँ से निकल जाता है।

इसके साथ साथ प्रोफेसर अपनी कॉल रिकॉर्डिंग public मे viral करता है जिसमे Raquel 8 hostages or Alison Parker मे से किसी एक को release करने के बदले Alison Parkerको choose करती है । और इस तरह से लोगों मे Spanish goverment के प्रति आक्रोश पैदा हो जाता है और लोग रोब्बेर्स कि तरफ sympathy जताते है

और यही पर Episode 7 end हो जाता है

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