You’ve To Check Here Tremendous Sinful Way Of Politics In Tandav Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English

Tandav web series is based on political theme and it is an indian political thriller web series.  Moreover this web series show dark side of politics. People how they use their position and the power of politics. Altogether you can watch Tandav full web series in Amazon Prime with subtitles. But before go in 1st episode of this season check all starcast and their role in tandav web series. Furthermore read Tandav Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English.

“Tandav Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English”

” Tanashah”

In the first scene of this Episode we see Farmers is protesting in Malakpur Greater Noida. They are requesting from goverment to return their land, because Goverment has decided to construct a factory in the place of farmers’s land.

Suddenly Samar Prtap Singh’s Personal assistent Gurpal Singh comes there. Where he ordered two S.I officer to hit the farmer who is protesting. After that the police and their all team start to hit farmers by the laathi charge. Where the SI encountered two protestor through the gun. But next day Devki Nandan’s party JLD election result will declare so due to this the news of Malakpur didn’t comes in limelight at any news channel.

Here in the next scene Samar Pratap singh is getting ready for his interview with reporter Garima.

  • Then his father Devki Nandan comes there and tells to Samar – Did you heared about Malakpur? The bludy two SI officer killed two protestor. But this news shouldn’t be out because tomorrow election result will declare.
  • Samar Pratap – Okay. We will win tomorrow becuase entire nation is with us. And sources has revealed and declared this, we are winning the election again. Have you finalized the defence minister? From whom you want to give Defence minister? And Aditi is continously calling me for the Defence ministry.
  • Devki Nandan – No I didn’t think about this. She is only 34 year old lady do you think anyone will be salute her?
  • Samar Prtap – Yes of course! If you give her the position all will salute her. I think you want to give defence to Raghu?
  • Devki Nandan – No I didn’t decide anything and I’m requesting to you when you’ll give your interview please don’t take Aditi name.

“SI Arrest Imran” Tandav Season 1 Episode 1 Story Explanation In English

Imran is VNU university student. Who was taking stand for farmers in their protesting against JLD goverment. So two police officers has arrested him and they called Imran is terrorist, and put him behind the bar.

  • After that Sana inform their all friend and tells to everyone police has trapped Imran in wrong case they called he is terrorist and they locked him in the bar,
  • Then the student of VNU has decided to go police station. Where all student has covered the police station, and requested from the police to take out their friend from the jail. But police didn’t show any care on them, and then police take Lathi charge against all student.
  • At that time all student has ran away from there’s. But next day they again comes in police station’s where Shiva Shekhar argued with SI officer of the station. Then SI threat Shiva if he didn’t leave the police station then he can arrest him in a false matter, where he can put the blame in Shiva and their all friends they hitted the two police officer’s. After that one student told sorry to him and then went from there.

“Devki Nandan Connection With Anuradha”

  • Now Anuradha come’s in Devki Nandan’s home, where she tells to Devki to give defence ministry to our son Raghu. Where she told him, remebered 15 years ago you are on railway station , and I gave you my party ticket to you.
  • Devki Nandan – Yaa I know, If I am here only because of you, and I’ll always remember this.
  • Then Anuradha goes from there. Suddenly Samar comes there where he saw his fathere Devki hug Anuradha. Then he is getting jealous from Anuradha.


  • Now Samar is preparing a drink for his father Devki, where he add . ackonite on his drink. When his father took that drink, he started to loose his senses.
  • Then Samar tells him – Sorry father! I add Ackonite inn your drink, after some time you’ll leave this earth.
  • Devki Nandan – Why you did this? What you want?
  • Samar – I saw your attitude when you sit on your throne. Except this you never praise me, while I do everything for party, So now I want to be next PM of the country. And people’s will think you died due to heart attack.
  • At the last moment Devki make a call for Anuradha. But she didn’t pick his call. Then he died.

And The Episode End’s Here.

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